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Asia » India » Kerala » Periyar National Park October 9th 2019

The goal was to experience the Kerala Thekkady area, including the Periyar National Park and Wildlife Preserve, in a budget friendly and authentic way. So when Sumod, a man I met on the streets of Kumily suggested this “option,” I thought, “that sounds fun.” But I had little idea what to expect. That’s okay, because that’s what I like about travel. Not knowing what to expect. It’s the best way because then anything can happen! And everything always works out, somehow. Sumod met me on the darkened street at 5:00 AM outside my homestay. We walked to the bus station, where our daily 5:15 AM bus was predictably late. This Kerala government bus makes a daily run to a faraway village, traveling through a portion of the Periyar National Park. We sped off into the dark ... read more
Strangler fig
The first of five buses I rode
houses in the hills

Asia » India » Kerala » Periyar National Park April 15th 2019

It was a bit of a struggle to get up this morning but we managed to drag ourselves out of bed and up to a sumptuous breakfast in the hotel. Phoebe wasnt felling to well this morning and had a bit of an upset tummy. Apart from that we were ready for another day of adventures. First stop a forest walk in the national park. We took a van down to the reception and Anoop was there waiting for us, so we headed straight off to the park. On arrival, we had the option of going on bikes around the park but Chloe would have needed to perch herself on my bike as there wasnt one small enough for her and no kids seats. We decided against this rather precarious option and walked instead. Anoop took ... read more
What a team!
Periyar National Park at dusk...
Welcome to Periyar National Park

Asia » India » Kerala » Periyar National Park April 14th 2019

OK, so our last night at Shola Crown wasnt the best. We went down for the BBQ and quickly decided that we needed some different food so proceeded to the restaurant where the Hotel Manager told us that he would bring it up to the room. 2 hours later, despite multiple requests and growing frustration it still hadn't arrived and the kids needs to sleep. However, with the music still blaring from the BBQ there was no chance of that. Anyway, after much gesticulating by Dad and some fairly colourful language, the food came and the kids ate a bit before going to bed.......once the music had stopped! All of this on top of the fact that mum and dad found out that our flights home might be cancelled, this could be good news if it ... read more
2 against one with swords and shields
Chloe and Lucas duking it out!
Bougainvillea everywhere

Asia » India » Kerala » Periyar National Park August 10th 2017

After a very early breakfast of croissants and omelettes, we set off for a forest hike in the Periyar wildlife park, one of the largest national parks in India. It is set high in the cardamom hills and is home to many species of animals and birds including sloth, tigers and elephants. As we were visiting in the monsoon season, we knew that our chances of spotting wild life were limited, but we set off feeling optimistic. We were kitted out with leech socks to protect us from the leeches that are particularly prevalent in monsoon season. The five of us headed off into the forest led by a park ranger as a guide. Unfortunately, he wasn’t very talkative or proactive and it was more a case of us stopping him to ask him to name ... read more
Hiking in the Peryiar National Park
The Widernest B&B

Asia » India » Kerala » Periyar National Park January 19th 2015

HE SAID... We were leaving Madurai and heading west to Thekkady. Ren woke early and headed out to buy water and a few packets of electrolyte for me as I had been ill during the night. I hydrated, packed and made my way down to reception. I wasn’t feeling too bad, but I was looking forward to the destination more than ever. Ren was coming down with a cold/flu, so we weren’t travelling well. About an hour into the trip I started feeling back to normal, but Ren was getting worse. We were making our way westwards across the bottom tip of India, so we were travelling through rural landscapes filled with rice, palm, banana, sugarcane and cardamom plantations. We had a brief stop in Theni to buy some throat lozenges for Ren before we started ... read more
abraham’s spice garden
abraham’s spice garden
abraham’s spice garden

Asia » India » Kerala » Periyar National Park April 24th 2012

Well the journey to Periyar, back up in the mountains, was a long and uncomfortable one, for a change :-s This place is nice, got a really nice place to stay for a good price and I've been having adventures in the jungle with Mogoli (well Babu but I think of him as Mogoli! Since Aijan had to travel to Ernakulam imminently she only had time for a half day safari. Unfortunately the govnt controlled prices does not include a half day, and she would have had to paid a full days price for only half, and then have to somehow get back to the town by her own means... not ideal. Enough searching however revealed a market for 'illegal trekking' through the jungle...We were a little worried, especially that it might be a cop scam ... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Periyar National Park January 23rd 2012

Up before the crack of dawn with no breakfast! We drove twenty minutes to Periyar National Parkfor a boat ride on Mullaperiyar Lake to see wildlife. A heavy mist or fog delayed departure, and a mix-up placed us nicely on a small boat that was much less peopled than expected. All twenty people had assigned seats and were expected to keep them (standing up momentarily was allowed to get a good shot). Crewmembers tied us into our very serious lifejackets. I sat in a great single seat on one side. The views were magical – the kind we see in professional photographs: mountains, water, rising mist, thin sun. The view cleared during our cruise until we returned in warm sun and golden–green vegetation. At first we saw birds pointed out by the guides: many egrets; plain, ... read more
Tourist boats
Dammed lake
Malabar Giant Squirrel

Asia » India » Kerala » Periyar National Park March 24th 2010

Not me, I love the sun. Wherever we were, whatever country we were in, I had the sun. Maybe for a little while, Maybe for longer than usual, but... it was always there. - Portraits of a Sari ,Sari Phillips After our houseboat cruise we spent the night in Allepay , with a Indian dinner in an air conditioned resturant , the first one we have seen here. The next morning we took a bus through hairpin turns to the town of Peryiar where the national state park is. In the morning we went on a boat cruise around the lake on a ferry hoping to see some of the wildlife maybe some tigers and elephants that live in the park, but we only saw some boar and bison, no tiger spotting for us. We ... read more
martial arts

Asia » India » Kerala » Periyar National Park February 16th 2010

Ho-hum. Maybe it was because the water in the lake was low, maybe it was because both my food and shower were cold; maybe it was because there were 40 mosquitos in our room upon arrival; maybe it was because the hotel treated us this way despite the fact that they charged more than most four star hotels in Europe, Japan, or the USA, but I do not recommend staying at the Lake Palace in the Periyar Tiger Reserve. The Lake Palace is the former summer palace of the King of Travancore, but it can only be visited by guests of the hotel. Given that the hotel service is so bad but the grounds are worth a visit, the palace would better serve the public if it were turned into a museum that everyone could ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Asia » India » Kerala » Periyar National Park January 25th 2010

We caught a rough looking ferry from Alleppey to Kottayam before changing to a rough looking bus to get to Kumily - the main town in the mountains leading to the Periyar National Park. Riding these uncomfortable buses can be challenging at the best of times, but it was really hot, crowded and took 5 hours. Just as we got underway our bus driver hit an auto rickshaw - he did not seem worried at all, but the owner of the rickshaw, pretty much dragged him out of the bus! There was much yelling before a policeman came and a group of men became involved (none of which had anything to do with it or were there to witness it!) and with much yelling and hand waving by all we were finally on our way again. ... read more
The closest we got to an elephant - its huge footprint
Jungle trek in Periyar National Park

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