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Asia » India » Kerala » Kumily February 21st 2008

What began as a brief stop on our way to meet up with Burt's friend at a yoga center turned into a six-day love affair with Kumily. The weather was cool, the people were friendly, and there was hardly a mosquito in sight! Kumily is situated just outside the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary and is surrounded by tea, coffee, and cardamom plantations. So there are plenty of exotic sounds and smells to accompany the views. ;) Our eco-tourism buddy Oosaka signed us up for a full day's visit to the sanctuary, complete with jeep safari, jungle trek, and paddle boating. A rickety old jeep pulled up to our house at 5AM and we piled in with two other tourists, a Canadian girl and an older British man. The jeep lurched and shook the whole way and my ... read more
Drive up
Abnormally empty bus
Dowtown Kumily

Asia » India » Kerala » Kumily January 3rd 2008

We're in Kerala now in Kumily/Tekhady We spent 2 nights here so far, it's 9:30am and time to move on. This place is awesome!!! Yesterday we had a full "program". FYI - Program is what the indians call a schedule. Everywhere we go they ask what our program is. Got here late on Jan 1st. Had an awesome roadside meal at a locals restaurant. Then drove through the plains of Tamil Nadu. Beautiful countryside. Mountains with valleys, coconut and rice plaintations. People walking on the road barefoot, oxen carts, luxary buses. What a juxtoposition between the classes of people. But regardless of class everyone is very nice. I don't think I've come upon a nicer people yet in my travels. We hit a traffic jam in the mountain pass that stalled traffic for about 45min. I ... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Kumily November 3rd 2007

We arrived comfortably on our long flight Jaipur - Kochi, we touched down twice to load people off and put some new on before we finally arrived in Kochi. Flying is not really our favorite method of transport any more, but what can you do. From the airport we caught a prepaid taxi straight to Fort Cochi. There, we noticed that guesthouses have sprung up like mushrooms after the rain - they were literally everywhere. The weather was also very different from Rajasthan. Hot and wet rather than dry and bearable. We dropped off our bags and went for a walk - mainly with the goal to find some lunch, but soon we found it too humid and too hot and actually the search for some indian food was quite a challenge. All food served here ... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Kumily May 20th 2007

Leaving Munnar was an adventure. We had left early for breakfast which ended up being pancakes and hunny, lush. And then we wondered back to our hotel, to find lots of police on our rd, further up we found the riot police armed with Bamboo shields!!! Then we were stopped from going any further. I had to neigoate with the head Policeeman that all i wanted to do was get my bag from our hotel, after some haggeling, even for this matter!!! He let me alone go, to which i found even more Police and a hug amount of Press, and a JCB Bulldozer plowing into the hotel next to first i thorght it was an accidents, but the more i saw the more i realised that this was the local goverments way of ... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Kumily May 1st 2007

The best Spice Garden in Kumily, BBC was allready visiting him. Abbraham explained us everything about the spices. We got a private tour around his garden. He told us about a walk on a mountain, it was the best we ever did. ... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Kumily April 27th 2007

Okay, this should be a very long update. At the moment I'm nearby Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary in a town called Kumily. The town is nothing special, but the surroundings are brilliant. It's up in the mountains a little bit, which means that we have some cool. Today it was a pleasant 25 degrees or so at it's max, and I'm now wearing trousers and trainers in the cool evening. All around are various tea and spice plantations as well as views of green hills, everywhere is very green. Today we went into the wildlife sanctuary. We got to drive around in a Land Rover, where we saw some elephants and monkeys. It was generally very bushy and had lots of plants though, so you couldn't see so many creatures. The views were stunning none the less ... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Kumily March 12th 2007

After Varkala, anything we did was bound to be somewhat of a disappointment. Unfortunately, we decided to do the most expensive activity scheduled on the whole trip: House Boating. In all the guide books and on all the websites, house boating in Kerala’s backwaters are toted as the “chose a fair” while in Kerala. It is the one must see in the whole state, and floating peacefully along on a barge, through meandering canals sounded like an excellent way to spend a day and an evening. So, we headed from Varkala (sadly) on Thursday, on route to Kollam which was the less crowded of backwater tourist places. Upon arrival however, we were persuaded that Allapey, the more active backwater departure point, was the only place where a punting boat (man powered, not stinky or loud or ... read more
Tea as far as the eye can see

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