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Asia » India » Kerala » Kumily May 19th 2009

So we woke up at 6am to go on a jungle trek which turned out to be not so much fun...It was a 3 hour walk through the forest and wetlands. We saw monkeys... the endangered giant squirrel (which was the size of a cat)..spiders...dears...lizards...and leaches, lots and lots of leaches. I had at one time about 15 of these little leaches trying to get in each of my shoes...Thankfully me and Bonnie had long trousers and socks tucked in and trainers as these little leaches were soooo fast and were getting everywhere. On the floor everywhere were these little leaches. One girl was wearing flip-flops and she had about 10 bites by the end of the walk and was bleeding! We didnt see any, but there are also pythons and cobras in the park!! As ... read more
Walk flower
Walk bug
Me and big tree

Asia » India » Kerala » Kumily May 19th 2009

We started the morning hot, at sea-level and on a houseboat. One ferry, some walking, two rickshaws and an extreme bus trip later and we were monsoonally wet, refreshingly cold and in a treehouse in the mountainous Kumily. Kumily is a lovely little town which is the gateway to Periyar Tiger Reserve - you heard me - tigers! It's also a town where many Indian families come as tourists as well, and our visit cooincided with school holidays and everyone heading into the hills to avoid the heat, so there were quite a few people about. We wanted to do a 2 day trek through the park, but our timing was off. the day we tried to plan our adventures there was a strike - something to do with the maoists we think - and the ... read more
boat trip in Periyar Tiger Sanctuary
four turtles, one bird

Asia » India » Kerala » Kumily April 4th 2009

And so from freezing UK to boiling Kerala - at least 38 degrees and humid with it!! All went well landing in Kochi - much nicer than Mumbai. Lots of coconut palms and greenery. Few beggars ( discouraged by Govt) and of course mad traffic. With a group of 9 people ( the oldest as usual!) and am sharing with Helen from Perth Aus who is very laid back and good company. Others from Denver, Munich. Belfast and Nottingham and Preston. Have spent 2 days in homestay on backwaters with slow boat rides accompanied by Keralan chants from the rowers ( or so I assume , could be anything they are singing!) Local bus not as bad as it looks if you get on first. Ferries amazingly cheap - less than 10p for at least half ... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Kumily January 8th 2009

While we were ready to leave the coast and do a bit of travelling, we realized that we had got too know so many people while we were in and around Varkala and Odayam. We left Varkala by train to Kottayam (sp) for an overnight stay in a 14 storey modern hotel which we booked because it had a rooftop pool. The pool was fine. Swim Swim Swim. The acoustics at dinnertime, however left a lot to be desired. We ate early in the indoor A/C dining room, purely on the basis that the tables were glass and we saw a waiter with a cloth and spray cleaning one. That my friends , was a luxury we longed for. We had been in beach huts and shacks and surf side restaurants for three weeks. There is ... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Kumily August 7th 2008

Got up mega early again argh and whizzed off into Periyar National Park for a boat cruise, which is apparently one of the best ways to see animals in the park. I wasn't convinced it would be worth getting up early again, but I was proved wrong! We got to see an amazing array of birds including giant hornbills soaring gracefully over the jungle canopy and a ridiculous amount of the brilliant bright blue kingfishers that I've been lucky enough to see so many of on this trip. We also saw Bison crossing the lake and a gaint stag deer who looked up at us nonchantly. No elephants sadly. After coming ashore saw loads more monkeys with babies, awwwwwww! Went back to Mickey's and back to sleep for a while! After lunch my new best friend ... read more
Jack Fruit!
Spice Garden with a difference
Hanging out with Bobby

Asia » India » Kerala » Kumily August 6th 2008

In search of tigers... sadly there were none to be seen but we did have a great day out in a jeep in the jungle! Met a fun French couple and we went trekking into the jungle with Ramesh who was kind enough to keep peeling the leechess off our shoes and putting more salt on them to keep them away! It was hard to look anywhere other than down at the writhing mass of leeches on my shoes! We saw lots of monkeys, frogs and giant squirrels too which was cool. Oh and Bison on the hill (like tiny dots in the distance!!)... read more
Monkey, monkey!
Get back leeches!

Asia » India » Kerala » Kumily August 5th 2008

I've found a little bit of paradise in Kumily. This is the gateway to Periyar National Park where apparently wild Tigers still roam free. If I'm lucky I'll see them tomorrow on a jungle safari! I'm staying at Mickey's Hostel and have the best room ever! I have my own little balcony with a lush hanging wicker chair where I can sit and continue to write up my travel ramblings! If I had more time I would definitely stay here for weeks not days. I've made friends with Bobby, the guy who runs the hostel next door and we went out elephant riding and climbed up the mountain to watch sunset which was amazing.... read more
Bobby kicks back and relaxes
Sunset over the mountain
Me at the top

Asia » India » Kerala » Kumily April 24th 2008

From Cochin we have travelled up into the mountains to a town called Kumily approximately 3,200 feet above sea level. The air is cooler here and we almost felt cold last night for a minute or two! It is a spectacular location with steep wooded hillsides and dense green vegetation everywhere you look. The last 110 kilometres of our journey were an unrelenting climb around hairpin after hairpin past many rubber plantations (the rubber tree is not native here but grows well in the tropical climate and was introduced by the British). As we got higher they eventually gave way to tea plantations. On our arrival in Kumily we immediately signed up for a tea and spice plantation visit. To my surprise and delight we visited the Connemara tea plantation named by it's British owner more ... read more
View from Kumily
In Periyar Park
Cheeky Monkey

Asia » India » Kerala » Kumily April 24th 2008

Sorry everybody for not writing for a long time. We have been travelling a lot...maybe too much. But the good thing is we have lots to say now! We left you in Udaipur, a romantic city on lake Pichola with a wonderful white Lake Palace and a City Palace which once belonged to the Merwar dynasty. Beautiful mosaics and rooms painted with scenes from daily life in the Palace and surroundings. We then headed towards Ranthambore National Park, on the north-east of Rajasthan. Our travel guide and the people in the hotel suggested to choose a jeep to visit the park, we went for the canter and were glad. After seeing literally hundreds of deers and boars near a lake we started the search for the elusive tiger. We stopped where there were 4 more canters ... read more
Deers in Ranthambore
Taj Mahal
Chinese fishing nets in Cochin

Asia » India » Kerala » Kumily April 13th 2008

We went to Kumily and planned on staying no more than 2 days...we ended up staying one week and it was one of our favorite place. The people are amazingly sweet, there is so much to do and see. We've made friends with a family, they are renting a hut close to the Thekady park that's called "french bakery restaurant", Subha makes amzing food with fresh vegetables and makes it to your taste. Their son Hemant is a lovely boy of 5 that speaks a little english and is full of joy and smiles. Their hut has only 2 rooms, the kitchen in wich they sleep at night and the other room with 2 tables, a fridge and a tv. So it is their home and restaurant at the same place. It#s a great place and ... read more
Cute girl
Wild elephants
And some more

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