Photos from Hampi, Karnataka, India, Asia

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Bhima’s Gate
Balancing rock
Krishna Temple
Krishna Temple
Krishna Temple
Krishna Temple
Hazara Rama Temple
Hazara Rama Temple
The Royal Enclosure
The Royal Enclosure Stepwell
Women with baskets on their heads
Lady sweeping inside Queen’s Barh
Window balconies inside the Queen’s Bath
Inside the Queen’s Bath
Inside the Queen’s Bath
Spot the Monkey...Hampi Bazaar
Shopping in Hampi Bazaar
Mandala painted on the concrete
Entrance to a small Hindu temple
Monkeys in a tree, the best place for them!
Bukka’a Aquaduct
The countryside
Krishna Bazaar.
Krishna Bazaar Stepwell
Looking across the river to where we were yesterday
The guesthouse where we had breakfast
Senapur Lake
Monkey Temple
Monkey Temple before dawn
Those deadly Kingfisher beers,
The entrance to Green Restaurant
Schoolgirls at Underground Temple
Krishna Bazaar, ancient marketplace
Abandoned basket of clay vessels on Hemakuta Hill
Hemakuta Hill
View from Hemakuta Hill
Lord Ganesha statue near Hemakuta Hill
Colourful village walls
Colourful village walls
Another paid photo
Lakshmi in the temple
The stepwell beside Virupaksha Temple
Stall holder near the river
Washing day in the river
Lakshmi the elephant enjoying her bath in the river
River views in Hampi
River views in Hampi
Lord Vishnu statue
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