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August 12th 2008
Published: August 12th 2008
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GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING CANADA, and the UK and Europe and I think even India. So after their day spent at Elephanta Island Dave & Jord thought that it would be a good time to try and meet up with some of Dave's Indian friends from good old Antwerp. After a couple calls to a couple secretaries, Dave managed to get in touch with his good friend Anshul Mehta (one of the diamond boys, although in Antwerp they were all diamond boys). Anyways Anshul came and picked us up, and drove the car himself surprisingly (crazy man), we went to one of the nicer bars that Mumbai had to offer meeting with another of Dave's friends Ravi Bhansali who had recently got hitched. After a few kingfishers and a few kamikazes (indian shot that tastes like limoncello) Dave and Jord went out for a pizza in the early hours with few of the Indian boys friends, and made plans for when we were back in Mumbai.

The next day with groggy heads the boys went on a walk with the Raj of Mumbai, Mr. Gardner. Starting off in an amazing little Parsee bakery the boys drank chai and ate sweetbread to start the day off. This was a place that looked like it was out of a movie, just a hole in a wall that hadnt changed in 50 years but served one of the best breakfasts we've ever had. After that DG took us to plenty of spots, Crawford Market, Victoria Station, the Thieves Market and the Cricket Club of India where luckily DG was a member allowing Dave and Jord to go in and have a look at the famous cricket pitch. That night (in line with Mark Hoffmann's list) DG took the boys, (as well as Mr. Cox and Ms. Wallee former AIS'ers) to go see an Indian play. The boys enjoyed it, except for the odd scene where every third word was in english, but they could figure out what was going on anyways. Sunday was much more relaxed as the boys stayed with DG and watched England versus South Africa in the cricket on TV getting ready to board the train to Goa.

Indian trains are, well, interesting. With it due to leave at 23:05 at night the boys waited until 2:00 in the morning for the train to come, and until 03:00 for it to leave. Luckily they'd booked sleeper accomodation too because it took 14 hours to make a 700 km trip. And the smells weren't very pleasant either. Another checked box on the life experience chart though! Finally however the boys arrived safe and sound in Goa.

The boys have really enjoyed Goa so far. They aren't sure whether its the amazing rooms theyve got for 3 euros a night, the 25 cent bottles of beer, or all the old gypsies and hippies that walk the street looking like their best days are well past them, but they just dont care. The boys are also enjoying how all the locals ask what on earth they're doing here during the monsoon, and their usual answer is 'we want to see the real India' which makes the locals laugh and laugh. Anyways there are some great little cove beaches here and some great little bars. Tomorrow the boys are off to a flea market in Anjuna the town besides Vagator (they're actually staying in a town called Vagator) so hopefully they'll be able to pick up some ridiculous goodies for friends and family, or beads and sunglasses to look the part here.

Peace out man and remember, one world one love and one people, man. Oh yea and phone calls might be a little hard to come by here due to the time difference and finding booths that are open, so expect some earlyish calls in the morning. Love and miss you all. Dave and Jordan.


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