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August 23rd 2008
Published: August 23rd 2008
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Finally got some time at a computer. So figured it would be time for a new blog. Goa ended as well as it could have. David & Jordan rented some scooters a couple days and made there way up and down North Goa. Trekking form Madjid Beach in the far North, to Fort Aguada in the far South (have a look on google maps if you get the time). Anyways there were plenty of huge beaches, rolling hills, and cows up and down the Goan coastline. Even better David managed to save a helpless calf from being hit by a passing truck and an almost certain death and got a great scar on his arm in the meantime, or he managed to get his scooter entangled in a bush going about 10 km's an hour and managed to get a great scar, depends on who you ask, but David & Jordan couldn't stop laughing regardless. Another highlight was the shave and face massage the boys got after deciding to grow their beards (or whiskers in Jordans case) as long as possible for the price of a can of coke for the smoothest faces theyve ever had. Anyways after some time trekking around the beaches and hills that Goa have to offer, and conquering the Goan firewater known as Fenne, a fermented coconut version of moonshine, the boys figured that it was time to get back to Mumbai and see what Mr. Gardner had to offer them.

After a 12 hour train trip where the boys passed the time by making the following lists: All Oilers Teams, All NHL Fighters Teams, Lists of things that Dave & Jordan need for their apartment, and 50 Things that Dave Hates (Which might get published after this blog); the boys finally ended up in Mumbai where Mr. Gardner had a treat lined up for them.

Luckily, the day after arriving back in Mumbai, Dave and Jordan were able to join Mr. Gardner's school, B.D. Somani, on their monsoon field trip north east of Mumbai in the town of Silvassa. After a 120 km bus trip that must have taken about 5 hours, which would have been hopeless until the boys were entertained by their first viewing of a Bollywood movie, Om Shanti Om, watch it if you get the chance one of the most ridiculously entertaining things we've ever seen, the boys finally arrived in Silvassa with about 170 students and 7 teachers. The first day in Silvassa was pretty relaxed, going to a tribal museum and one of the larger dams in India. Luckily another of Dave's old teachers Mr. Cox managed to go on the trip as well so the night was a bit more eventful with Dave Jord and Mr Cox sneaking away for a couple Kingfisher Strongs at another Hotel.

The second day was much more eventful with the boys joining Mr. Gardner's students on a trip to a toy factory (where the workers made the equivalent of 1.75 a day in Canadian), a textile factory that was owned by one of the students fathers, and then an adventure course. That evening was the real highlight however where Dave and Jordan joined the students in a talent show, playing the role of Julius Caesar and Brutus to hilarious effect (we think anyways) and then attempting to sing a song in Hindi while their coactors danced around (we think it was called Khuda Janee if you want to look it up, thankfully we sang it with two of the Indian girls who more than made up for our ummm uselessness in both crooning and the Hindi language). Anyways the boys both saw some great performances from all the students, who were completely uninhibited in doing Bollywood dances, singing songs, and putting out some pretty good skits. Mr Gardner should be pretty proud of them. And finally today on our way back to Mumbai today the boys joined the students yet again in going to one of the villages near to Silvassa and helping to teach some of the local elementary school children english as well as helping the villagers fix their road as much as we could. Anyways our consciences now feel much better after the European leg of the trip, and we managed to get some good pictures out of it which we will hopefully be posting some pictures soon. Tomorrow we're off to Delhi and the North of India so we'll keep you posted. Miss you all and love you. Send us some messages too eh, we're getting a bit bored.


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