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January 1st 2009
Published: January 4th 2009
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Disneyland spells M A G I C. Yes, Virginia, Disneyland is magical for people of all ages. Two years in a row, and we still manage to have fun and feel the magic of Hongkong Disneyland. To prep for a 12 hour Disney adventure, we made sure the kids slept well and had a hearty breakfast to start the day right. Naturally, we went to their choice eating place....... McDonald's. Good thing there was one just a block off our hotel. Unlike yesterday, I had a full breakfast rather than settle for just my usual cup of coffee. In fact, everyone enjoyed a full breakfast.

From Yau Ma Tei Station, we took the metro and got off at the Lai King Interchange to ride all the way to Sunny Bay. From here, we took the Disneyland Metro. Even at 9:30am, the place is already swelling with families enjoying the holidays. I left the group and sprinted towards the ticket booths as I did not buy tickets online this time. No problem. I even got to use my credit card and paid in PESOS as I was given the choice on how I wish to be billed. Isn't that great?

First off, we went to "It's A Small World" for the ride. This wasn't opened yet last year , so we made sure this comes first off our list. The boat ride is like a trip around the world with kids watching out for the dolls representing the Philippines. So many questions were asked while on the boat ride, mostly coming from Martin. Well, he is certainly getting more curious. I bet he and Patricia will make fine travelers in the future. Not tourists, but travelers. I am happy their curiousity is piqued and that they long to know more than just be photographed with the Disney characters.

Coming out of the boat ride, we were just in time for the Golden Mickeys show. The emcee Bebe spoke in Cantonese the whole time , and the kids found it hard to watch her and read the english translation on the stage side. Just the same, they thoroughly enjoyed the show with all the Disney characters. Patricia's favorite is that segment of Ariel. I remember a Disney Show On Ice (Under the Sea) back when she was around 3 or 4 years old which we all enjoyed. Now 11 years old, she is still a fan of Ariel. Martin enjoyed the Toy Story segment . He also did not fail to observe that Donald Duck was there, but not Daisy Duck. And Patricia said Bebe kept saying My key instead of Mickey and My Nie instead of Minnie. Hmm, these kids pay attention to details.

After the show, we headed for Mickey's Christmas House. Again, this wasn't open yet last year so the kids were all excited to see the house. So were the adults. The colorful kitchen, bedroom and living room. The closet full of clothes. The shoe rack with shoes as big as bowling balls. The polka dotted bed spreads. The big chimney with all the huge christmas stockings. The house is teeming with joy as kids darted from everywhere , not knowing which items to check while adults couldn't decide where and how to take pictures to capture all that excitement.

I "insisted" we all watch the Festival of the Lion King. I saw this some months back and knew we would all love it. Unfortunately, Martin had to go to the restroom. So Val and Martin had to step out of line and miss the show. The place was packed. And waiting in line was all worth it. Too bad Martin and Val missed it. After the show, we were ready for our mid afternoon "lunch". Patricia decided on Starliner Diner near Astro Blaster and Autopia. All of them went for the drive in Autopia while I sat it out in the diner and watched the bags. They also had their chance to repeat their adventures in Astro Blaster. By 5:30 pm, we got all together to watch the Disney Parade. I found a good bench where I decided to sit it out till the 6:45pm Royal Ball show in front of the castle, then the 8pm fireworks. That's about 3 hours on the same bench. Better that, than to have to stand the whole time. Seeing how the kids still enjoy watching the parade, I cannot admit I am beginning to grow tired of it. But the Royal Ball in front of the castle is a new thing. I watched from the bench in between 2 trees. Not a bad view. But it was sooooo cold. I came all wrapped but tired that I was after all that walking in the last 2 days, I froze stiff on that good old bench. We got out of the park nearly 9pm. Martin's happy despite the bum stomach , Patricia's happy about all her coin press collection . And all those burgers, chicken wings, soda and fries! Plus the ice cream bars!

Good thing the girls bought return tickets for the metro so we didn't have to line up after leaving the park. The trains were packed and we only managed to sit about 2 stops from Yau Ma Tei. Stepping off the station, we walked to Casa Restaurant which we spotted the night before. No, it doesn't serve Spanish food at all. They serve Chinese food with English translations. Like Chinese-American fusion food. Patricia ordered "noodles with minced meat and melted cheese topping" which turned out to be baked spaghetti. She had 2 cans of Minute Maid orange juice. Martin ordered something which looked to me like tocino with fried egg and fried rice. At least, they ordered exactly what they wanted! Mayette just ordered a dish of chinese fried rice and helped herself with bits and pieces from everybody else's plate. I had spare ribs cooked in tausi sauce. Not exactly what I hoped for. But after all that eating in the last few days, this dinner is just fine. After dinner, we broke up. Some went shopping, while the kids and I headed back for the hotel with Val. We leave back for Manila the day after.

A day in Disneyland is a fitting end to a wonderful 4 day holiday in Hongkong. Like last year's experience, we cherished all the memories of togetherness. Back in Manila, we hardly get to sit together for a meal at home. It's a refreshing change to have to eat all our meals for the last 4 days together, and to experience the same adventures together. I would certainly recommend that families do this once in a while. After all, only we build memories. We can't buy them.

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6th January 2009

The Magic of Disney extends to all corners of the world!
Hey there. So glad I came to your blog today. It seems you had a magical time at Disney. That makes me feel so good because I am surrounded the magic each and every day in my job. I work at WDW and manage content for I LOVE MY JOB!!! The magic and the culture of the park extends to the workplace as well. I am so glad the magic of Disney touched you and your family!! Great pictures too!!!! See ya, Jeff
29th January 2009

You are so right about building memories with family and friends! Your family looks very happy to be together!

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