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23rd February 2023

camping site near in baguio
I love the place. Baguio is one of the top tourist spots in the Philippines. I will definitely go back there. I thought I already explore Baguio. It’s a hidden gem. Thank you for sharing i will add up this to my next travel list.
5th October 2022
Rizal and His Dog Verganza

Dog Training
Thanks for this story! I've enjoyed reading! Thanks for sharing.. Keep posting
9th December 2020

I'll Never Grow Tired of Tagaytay especially when i feel tired in everything happening in my life.
20th July 2020

Laguna is the Best
Laguna travel is the best, many places are beautiful and awaiting adventure. Very instagramable place for me. During the travel I forgot my OOTD for 3 days huhuhu nightmare very thankful becuase there's a pavilion mall near my hotel. Lots of options are here ! Thanks to this.
22nd January 2024

Underrated Laguna
Thanks for dropping by!
1st October 2018

Such a good blog...
Thank you for this great post. These areas are some of the best the Dumaguete city has to offer. I have lived in dumaguete all through out college and still yet to findout everything Dumaguete has to offer. But thank the heavens, i found; here you can find most of the restaurants, hotels, and resorts in just one site. if you want to visit Dumaguete and other parts of Negros or the neighboring places, try visiting the website You can book tours there and find restaurants, it's cheaper and easier for the people to get around. Thanks for sharing!!
19th June 2018

we climbed the meteoron also back in '96, the same year you did! i remember the wife complaining about the steps we had to climb to get to the top since we didn't have lunch yet :) it would be nice to go back again if only to shoot the place digitally at sunset.
20th June 2018

It would have been serendipitous to have met you and wifey back then!
23rd February 2018

Barong Dress
Take a look at these beautifully made Piña cloths that surely marks as our Philippine pride. We Filipinos are truly blessed with being artistic and creative. We're loom weaving fibers from Piña and Abaca. Aklan's Piña fabric is the Queen of Philippine Textiles We offer Filipino barong (short jack and long sleeve) for men, ladies barong (hand embroidered), barong calado, shawl, piña cloths (per yard), and handpainted fans. If you are interested, just send us a message. Visit
8th August 2017
A Cross at Viewpoint

A Cross at Viewpoint
That photo makes me want to go now! Actually all your images and stories are wonderfully enticing. But could I make it up? Will have to see some day.
8th August 2017
A Cross at Viewpoint

A Cross at Viewpoint
That photo makes me want to go now! Actually all your images and stories are wonderfully enticing. But could I make it up? Will have to see some day.
29th January 2017

I clearly haven't travelled locally enough
This trip sounds amazing! And isn't it crazy how this post got more than 4k views!
1st January 2017

Food is love
We have missed your blogging! I love oysters. I love mangos.
27th December 2016

Welcome back to blogging...
It's been two years and we haven't heard from you. It's good to see you are well, and happy eating oysters and mangoes. I'm more of a mango fan...especially with sticky rice.
27th December 2016

It's been awhile
Oh yes. It's been awhile. Would you believe I wrote this and simply forgot to publish? Lol.
27th December 2016

Eating Again!
Hi Liliram, Good to see you're up to your old tricks. Happy New Year! David
27th December 2016

Yup, still eating! One of my favorite pastimes. Lol. Lovely to hear from you too. Happy New Year!
20th July 2016

What is the best time to go to Bhutan
Hi, I'm already 70 years old and I would like to see Bhutan. Do you think I will be able to walk to the monastery? If not what are the places I should see. I heard too that the altitude is high. I have thalassimia and I get dizzy with heights. I learned that when I went to the Great wall of China. I wasn't able to walk up as I got dizzy. Are there other activities I would enjoy? I love nature very much.
20th July 2016

Halfway Point and Beyond
You can try walking up to Halfway Point and then decide from there if you think you can still climb beyond that point. The altitude may affect you though. Other things to do include museum visits and archery watching.
9th May 2016

Safety in Davao
hi there i am frequent travelorlike u U had lots of friends to catch up with in Davao. What do u expect me to do. I just got back from Elnido and it was fantastic Also is it safe as we read stories of kidnappings in neighbouring mindano.
23rd May 2016

Safe in Most Parts
Hi there. Glad to hear you liked El Nido. As for Mindanao, I'd feel safe in Davao, Cagayan de Oro but not as confident in Zamboanga, Tawi-Tawi.
7th February 2016

Hi! Stumbled upon your blog entry and wanted to do all three islands for my upcoming Dumaguete trip. How many days did you do this? May I ask for the contact number of whoever fixed your airport transfers, boat rentals and guided tours? Thanks in advanced. :)
16th February 2016

My friend arranged everything for us. 3 days doing 3 islands. Email
14th July 2015

Manila Flights
Your post made me think of my Manila holiday trip. I enjoyed lot with my friends but failed to took photograph because as i was not having my camera that time. Your post gave me nostalgia, thanks for the beautiful post.
14th March 2015

if you go to dumaguete my advice is DO NOT drive at night as there are many stupid people here who drive motorbikes at night with absolutely no lights on their bikes maybe now its getting to 1 in 5 people and they do not care for your safety the safety of their children as they also carry them on the bikes with no lights and hey the police do absolutely nothing about it

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