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Asia » Georgia » Eastern Georgia » Mtskheta June 30th 2015

(continued from June 30 Tbilisi blog) At 6:15pm, Paul and Giga were back and we were off to Mskheta, the old capital of Georgia and what is still the most holy place in the country due to the churches there. We visited two Orthodox churches and I had to cover my hair with a scarf, and my pants with a skirt, in order to enter. One of the churches was 1000 years old, and very beautiful to see. The other was also old, and being renovated. Both were amazing to see. In that town, we visited Paul’s girlfriend at her job, where she sells a snack that looks like a sausage hanging by a string, but is in fact dried grape juice surrounding nuts. It was tasty and he bought me one to go. We came ... read more

Asia » Georgia » Eastern Georgia October 12th 2014

Far East of Georgia, Kakheti During the course of human events in Georgia there have been many times invading armies overwhelmed Georgian a Kings and rulers, but it wasn't without a fight from amazing defense structures to protect the fertile ground of east Georgia. After several days of visiting Archils school and local community once again he came home with some good news this past Tuesday - he announced told me we were going to Kakheti Region tomorrow. East-southern Georgia is referred to as the Kakheti Region, and not unlike other regions we have visited, it is unique and beautiful by itself. Many travelers know the region for the technique of Georgian wine making that is said to have originated in the region some 4,000 years ago, with over 700 unique grape types grown within the ... read more

Asia » Georgia » Eastern Georgia October 6th 2014

The story really starts when we sat next to a young Polish couple, Mikal and Magdelena on the marshrutka up the Georgian Military Highway to Kazbegi. They spoke very good English and Russian as well, which is a great advantage in the ex-Soviet states. We were both going to Kasbegi for two nights. On our return as we waited for the metro in Tbilisi they walked up to say hello having travelled in a separate car back from the mountains. Each of us was heading for the centre of the Kakheti wine country, the town of Telavi, and we agreed to share a taxi. This was a typical Georgian taxi, which are completely unregulated, in this case a Japanese import with steering on the wrong side and bald tyres. During the drive the two couples agreed ... read more
Our local butcher
Carp for sale at Telavi bazaar
Brawn and cheese and ingredients

Asia » Georgia » Eastern Georgia » Shilda November 13th 2012

Georgia, the adventures continue in Shilda Mik and Aaron's village is in the far east almost on thr Russian border but it was a very nice drive through more beautiful countryside and the mini bus which was our metrushka was almost empty as it was mid-week (weekends are apparently packed! Sometimes even with chickens for busmates). Georgians seem to take pride in their roads and most areas had well planned tree lined arbours throughout most of the drive east, it was almost romantic seeing huge old trees holding eachothers branches across the passageway of the roads. When we arrived I was quite the spectacle with my giant backpack walking all the way through town. We almost immediately met a tiny old lady who funnily enough spoke English - M &A said they had not met anyone ... read more
Shilda classroom

Asia » Georgia » Eastern Georgia » Shilda October 1st 2012

Returning to Georgia after four months of being here, there and everywhere was like returning home. The airport was crazy when we arrived at 3:20 am as this is the busiest time for flights in and out of Tbilisi (I guess it is a lovely hour to be flying). We were exhausted after a big final day at Octoberfest, a four am wake up call, flight to Barcelona then to Turkey and finally Georgia. Driving through the city at night put a smile on both our faces, Tbilsi is quite a beautiful city at night with its looming fortresses lit up. After making our way up the street which was a mission with the road works and nearly falling into the ditch left from repairs to the piping system we were definitely ready for bed. After ... read more
Making wine
Nuts ready for tutchela
Two buckets down a million to go

Asia » Georgia » Eastern Georgia » Telavi October 1st 2012

Resumo: Eleições presidenciais; Interior da Georgia; fazenda orgânica; 100% natureza; Estou super bem! 0 0 1 14 81 amy 1 1 94 14.0 Estou em um momento muito importante para a Georgia, as eleições parlamentares. A oposição acabou de vencer e tirar Mikheil Saakashvili do poder apó... read more

Asia » Georgia » Eastern Georgia » Telavi September 14th 2012

Thru Georgia and Armenia with the bike... read more
Photo 2
Photo 4
Photo 5

Asia » Georgia » Eastern Georgia » Sighnaghi May 25th 2012

We returned to Shilda after our travels through Turkey to what was a fast and eventful three weeks. It began with a teachers’ concert in Kvareli. The concert was a performance by teachers from the villages and towns in our area and included traditional dance, singing and poetry. The teachers did a great job. It was interesting to see how different regions have their own traditional dress and dance styles. My personal favourite was the dance routine from the Dagestan village who still speak their traditional language while living in Georgia. The crowd loved them and gave them a huge applause. The performances were held in a large theatre which was built in Soviet Union times and was true to form in that it was spectacular in size considering the small population of Kvareli but unspectacular ... read more
On our way to Nekresi...
Aaron at Bazaleti Lake (ბაზალეთის ტბა) a lake in eastern Georgia.
Supra Time!

Asia » Georgia » Eastern Georgia » Shilda April 20th 2012

No bunny rabbits, hot cross buns or chocolate eggs this year ...instead we celebrated Easter in the Georgian spirit. Like everything else in Georgia, Easter is celebrated in a uniquely Georgian way. When explaining to our family, teachers and classes how Easter is celebrated in Australia the conversation almost always ended in strange looks. A bunny rabbit, chocolate eggs, egg hunts; I guess it does all sound a bit ridiculous. The festivities kicked off on Thursday with Chiakokonoba. Families gathered wood in the street, started fires and jumped over it (or through it) three times. According to the legend, this action purifies the soul of evil spirit. Our village really got into the celebrations with fires being lit down the main street and through the winding passages. We all took turns at running through the fire ... read more
Making Paska

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