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Asia » Georgia » Eastern Georgia » Kakheti September 16th 2022

Today was a later start and we didn’t have to meet our guides until 8.15am, so what a lie in. We were first to arrive at Europe Square (that’s actually a roundabout) and met a guide AND a driver. We are going up in the world!The vehicle was an 8 seater that we shared with George from Italy, Christine from Switzerland (the third single female traveller I’ve met here) and two people from Germany, they may have been mother and son. Things of note that I’ve learned today is that scenes from the 9th Fast and Furious film were filmed in Georgia: the bits that they wanted to look like Russia. I’ll not be surprised to find out that our driver from yesterday had a starring role.As noticed before, people get up late in Georgia and ... read more

Asia » Georgia » Eastern Georgia » Kakheti September 16th 2022

Day 7 Georgia. Friday 16th Sept. Going off road with bats and monks in Georgia A veritable lie in until 7am this morning but I was still awake before the alarm went off. We then wandered down to Europe Square to meet our guide and driver for the day. An 8-seater normal-looking car was waiting for us and we were going off-road so I presumed we were changing to another vehicle later. But no, the car has been adapted and so the six intrepid tourists piled in. Today we were joined by a German couple, a chap from Italy and a chappess from Switzerland. There are lots of solo travellers here which reflects how safe the country is. We headed off out of Tiblisi and stopped after a while, at 9am, for our last toilet stop ... read more

Asia » Georgia » Eastern Georgia » Mtskheta September 14th 2022

Day 5 Georgia. Wednesday 14th Sept. Getting out and about in Georgia for the first time. When we go on holiday we usually travel around and don’t stay in one place, but this time is different . Our base remains in Tiblisi while I have booked a few day trips so we can get out and see more things. Today was the first of those trips and I booked it through Doing so many things would be really difficult using public transport, particularly fitting all the below in in one day. Plus you wouldn’t learn as much. We set alarms for the first time on this trip and headed to our meeting point which was a metro station only one steep hill away. Oh and an underpass as Claire was worrying I wouldn’t be climbing ... read more

Asia » Georgia » Eastern Georgia » Tusheti February 2nd 2022

The trip wasn’t supposed to be all about Tusheti, but that’s what happened. We had almost two weeks in Georgia and the Shatili to Omalo trek was always going to take up a large chunk of it. We didn’t realise just how good it would be and consequently anything else just couldn’t compete. The Shatili to Omalo trek jumps into my top 3 treks ever, and I have done a few good ones around the world. Fairly recently the Heights of Alay trek in Kyrgyzstan () made it into that list, probably overtaking various Andean and African treks. The Shatili to Omalo trek might overtake them as well. The trek is anything from 70 to 90 km and 4 to 6 days depending how quickly you walk and which route you take, though for most of ... read more
Mutso Fortress
The top of the vicious 900 m climb from Khonistskali river valley to the Khidotani Ridge
Approaching the camping spot below Atsunta Pass from Khidotani Ridge

Asia » Georgia » Eastern Georgia » Kakheti September 13th 2021

Tsinandali is a tiny little village in Kakheti, Georgia surrounded by vineyards and peach orchards. The village has become popular because of the historic vineyards that continue to work to ensure the preservation of Tsinandali’s legacy as the cradle of Georgia’s classical winemaking. This and it’s beauty is why we felt compelled to add it to our itinerary. Historians assert that in the early 19th century, Prince Alexander pioneered classical winemaking and European winemaking and turned Tsinandali into the wine capital of the country. To this day, Tsinandali stays true to it’s history by utilizing ancient qvevri and modern techniques to produce premiere wines of Georgia. Tsinandali Estate is made up of a sprawling and well managed park that features the Tsinandali museum and the boutique hotel by Radisson Collection. All of it maintains the historical ... read more
Tsinandali Estate entrance
Kyle waiting for lunch
A place for hopes and dreams

Asia » Georgia » Eastern Georgia » Shilda September 9th 2021

Day 7 Today is our anniversary, and our guide has made dinner reservations at a restaurant that is supposed to be the best in Tbilisi. I have convinced Kris we need to try the famous sulfur baths of Tbilisi. Kris has reviewed the several options and we have reservations the baths at 11am. These bathhouses have been around for centuries, using the natural underground springs of sulfur water occurring in this small specific area of Tbilisi. We are not sure what to expect, new country and different customs should provide a new experience, plus it is inexpensive. I have booked a single room at $40.00 for 1 hour, plus a “scrub” for an additional $7.00. Kris has her own room and “scrub” plus a massage. We arrive and I am taken to my room, Kris is ... read more

Asia » Georgia » Eastern Georgia » Kakheti September 6th 2021

The other day I had a friend ask me about how we decided where to stay when we were traveling internationally. My friend wondered how we found the places and knew the hotels would meet whatever standards we may have for that moment or that experience. I have booked international hotels hundreds of times, but when she asked this question I sort of stumbled over my response. How do I explain something that I have not really thought about, but rather just done? Sometimes you do lots of research. Sometimes you ask seasoned friends. Sometimes you call in the local experts. Sometimes you concede that where you lay your head that night is not much of a big detail. And sometimes you simply take a leap of faith and hope for the best. However, all the ... read more
Tsinandali Estate by Radisson Collection
Tsinandali Museum at night
Akhasheni vineyards

Asia » Georgia » Eastern Georgia » Kakheti August 29th 2021

As we traveled throughout Georgia, we made a point to try as many local wines as we could. We would be at a restaurant, the waiter would ask what we wanted to drink and we would ask if they could recommend a bottle of wine…a bottle of Georgian wine. This lasted only a short time as we quickly realized, the only wine you could find in Georgia was Georgian wine. Loyalty. Confidence in your product. I like that. Plus, in those moments when we did not share a common language with our waiter, we could just point and know we were going to be sampling local wine. Before arriving in wine country, we had started to see a trend in what wines we most appreciated and even started recognizing some labels and vineyards. Wow, does that ... read more

Asia » Georgia » Eastern Georgia » Sighnaghi August 22nd 2021

We started our exploration of Georgian wine country by spending the day in Sighnaghi. It seems to be an obligatory stop for anyone visiting Georgia’s wine country and it had been labeled ‘The City of Love,” so why not. The ancient walled city sits high on a ridge with incredible views across the Alazani Valley and the Caucasus Mountains. With its high walls and towers, Sighnaghi used to be a trading center on the Silk Road. I find this quite ironic since we couldn’t even find one cute boutique for shopping. Like many old cities, Sighnaghi offers a quaint little city center, cobblestone streets and winding alleys. As we continued to find a proper generalized label for how to describe Georgia, this little village sitting upon the mountain ridges added another complication. Many might describe Sighnaghi ... read more

Asia » Georgia » Eastern Georgia » Kakheti August 13th 2021

I think of dogs as being a lot like men. As with men and with dogs, I have a definite “type.” You know, that look, personality or demeanor that I gravitate toward even though I like most all dogs and men. I bet you have a type also, if you think about it. Do you like tall, dark and handsome or short and fluffy? Do you like the ones that want to sleep on the couch all day or the ones that want to go to the park and play fetch? Do you want one that is tiny enough you can place it in your purse or one that is big and loyal and will protect you to it’s death? Do you like ones that are cuddly and sweet or ones that are maybe a bit ... read more

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