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June 15th 2012
Published: June 17th 2012
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Ithis is 8am and I am in the fanciest hotel I have ever seen. It is breakfast and they have some Amican food but it is mostly Asian dinn type food. I just can't eat teriyaki fish or chicken and noodles etc for breakfast. I did the first few days but went for French toast today. Thankfully this place has real syrup. In Beijing there was only honey for sweetener.

Yesterday I did the Warriors, the 8th wonder of the world, discovered in 1974. Simply amazing! You can't wrap your mind around the immensity of it. The Chinese government has done a wonderful job of preserving and uncovering it and created the most beautiful buildings and setting for it. I then went to a tea place. Pictures included.

I was able to sample a number of teas. They pour the hot water over a statue and if it changes color the water is hot enough. The first tea over the leaves is thrown out and the cup washed with hot water and then the tea is resteeped and given to us to drink. The leaves can be used 3-5 times. For the poor, they dry the leaves into a
Terra Cotta Warriors Terra Cotta Warriors Terra Cotta Warriors

Here is also the exact spot of where the farmer discovered them
hcake cake and sell it. You break off a piece and steep it.

The is an interesting Bell Tower in the center of the old city(where I staying).this area is known for earthquakes. In 2008 there was one that was 8.3 north of here 800 kilometers and shook a lot here. In ancient times they thought it was a dragon underground who would turn over. An emperor built the bell tower over where the dragon was. Legend has it they forged large chains mot contain him.

When I got back I took a walk to lookThor the Walmart of all things, to get some fruit. It was underground with about ahundred other stores, open shops in a huge maze. When I finally found it and came above ground it was dark out and I was totally lost. I had no idea where I was. At the Dunking' Donuts they tried to help me but didn't speak English. They called apolice man but before he got there asweet young lady and her boyFriend came up to me because she spoke. They walked me all the wy home. It was not a straight path either. I had just gotten in
Beautiful Tea RoomBeautiful Tea RoomBeautiful Tea Room

Myguuide, Sara, below left
late at night to Xiam and left bycar in the morning so I had no bearings. The lady was a first year grad student in chemistry. She was so nice and worried about me.

As I am writing it is breakfast and the power has been out for about 15 minutes. They started putting out candles and thankfully there are big windows. I bet I would not have been able to get back to the room. I don't know if this is common. I am about to won on a plane for the next city.

I am loving every minute.


21st June 2012

Sally, You are clearly on the most amazing journey! I can't believe you went looking for Yaks. However, you found so much more on the way and met some amazing people. Thank you for sharing your story with me. I can't wait to see more! Life is good! I am praying for you on your journeys! Amy

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