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June 14th 2012
Published: June 14th 2012
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Emperor's Summer PalaceEmperor's Summer PalaceEmperor's Summer Palace

The Dragon Lady (mother of infant emperor) stayed here most of he summer.
Pedestrians do not have right of way.

Neither do cars. It is every man for himself.

Mantra for drivers: "Good honk. Good brake. Good luck"

Lane divisions are optional and mostly ignored. Driving thru the middle of one is preferred.

Bricks and mortar are everywhere. There are small piles along sidewalks, in front of homes, in parks. Everything is made of bricks (sidewalks, homes, walls)and there seems to be a constant need for repair.

Speaking of sidewalks, they are wide and have a section going down the middle that is an entirely a different pattern and color. It is for the blind. I was impressed.

Diapers are not in use for toddlers. Their pants are slit open from front to back and their little bottoms exposed. Cute but whoa? And we thought that Canadian geese made a mess of the streets!

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Buddhist Temple for the Dragon LadyBuddhist Temple for the Dragon Lady
Buddhist Temple for the Dragon Lady

Located above the walkway at the Palace
Longest Walkway in the worldLongest Walkway in the world
Longest Walkway in the world

At Summer Palace it is 728meters long.

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