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October 20th 2009
Published: October 20th 2009
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Today was supposed to be a rest day, it turned out to be far from it! Still based in Binchuan, we went to a Buddhist temple. We climbed a mountain to 3260m., rode in a cable car then climbed 1300+ steps! The temple was very interesting when we finally arrived, again masses of photo and film opportunities. After the visit and the descent, we cycled 25 miles back to the hotel.
Temperature about 30deg again today. Having mastered how to say 'Hello' in Chinese we grasp every opportunity to shout a greeting to the locals, who consider it a huge joke and laugh at us.
After our meal last night we wandered into the town square, where there was a marble dance-floor area and the locals were dancing something similar to waltzes etc. I was grabbed by a not-so young lady and dragged onto the dance floor. This happened more than once, I am pleased to say I only stood on toes a few times! None of the other members of the group could be pursuaded to dance, miseries.
Dining in the hotel tonight then having an early night tonight in preparation for what we anticipate will be a gruelling day tomorrow. Only going to ride for about 45 miles but there will be LOTS of climbing, it will be just like the Alps again with lots of hair pins.


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