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October 19th 2009
Published: October 19th 2009
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Had an excellent day today, and are on schedule. Temperature about 30 degC, I have applied masses of factor 30 and still managed a sunburnt nose and a very red face!. Covered about 60 miles today, it's been an easier ride though, following valleys, I estimate that we quite high, are about 2500m above sea level. The best bit is NO MOSQUITOS!!
The whole area is very interesting. I have never seen so many, many concrete fence-post manufacturing businesses. Have also seen bricks being made out of coal dust and water. They mix the dust etc by standing barefooted in the vats and walking around, they workers are absolutely black!!( great film and photo opportunities!).
Have passed many small holdings, with everyone cultivating their own little bit. Have left the maize and rice growing areas and are now surrounded by vineyards, vegetable growing areas and orchards of citrus fruits. The locals sell their excess produce from little stalls and keep enough back to keep themselves and their families going.
The transportation is rather like India, lots of scooters, tractors and carts pulled by waterbuffalo. Have seen at least 3 road accidents today with crowds of spectators surrounding each one. The place smells like India too! It is a great culture shock but very, very interesting. The majority of people are very nice, pleasant and helpful.
Arrived at the Hongqiang Hotel in Binchuan today. A very nice, modern hotel with all mod cons, especially the showers and toilets! Took a tuc tuc to a beautiful restaurant and had another fantastic banquet, full of variety and taste. We appear to be having exceptionally scrumptious banquets for lunch and the evening meal, this is the life!
We are staying for 2 nights at this hotel then go on to Haidong on Wednesday followed by Dali on Thursday.
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19th October 2009

Greetings Father!
Hi Pops, been reading your blog - sounds like a fascinating place! Envious of the Chinese banquets - it's making me fancy getting a takeaway! Keep putting on the suncream - you should have taken our factor 50! Buy a Chinese hat to shade your head. At least your feet are covered - no medical attention needed (for a change!). I'm taking Kitty swimming tomorrow and we'll be seeing mum later, as she's coming for maths. We've seen Wendy and family today, as they're over from Australia until Saturday. Girls are on half term next week, so should be good. They say 'hi'. I took Kitty for her 12-month assessment and the health visitor thought she was doing very well, particularly with walking and strength etc. She said she was like a 15-month old. She's apparently tall for her age - on the 91st centile (which means that only 9 per cent more are taller than her for her age). I thought she was rather short! She's supposed to have her MMR jabs next Monday. Yuk! Hope you continue to enjoy the trip. I'll be reading your blogs. See you soon xxx Joanne
21st October 2009

Lucky you
Just had 3 boring days in Italy walking in the mountains picking bagfuls of sweet chestnuts and figs 28deg. Bill

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