Beautiful Yuanyang Terrace, How long it can last??

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March 25th 2013
Published: March 25th 2013
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Yuanyang Terrace is very famous for photography. Lots of shutterbugs visit there ever years. I dreamed to go there after saw beautiful pictures with or without process of Photoshop.

Hani monitory are living on those terraces. They play there when they was kids. They are farming for their whole live.

As per communication with those local villages during the trip. They were having a simple happy live with Terrace. Start working when Sun rising, and back with Sunset down. peaceful life.

The nice views of Terraces were discovered by some photographers. The terrace is well known on world. More and more victors came.

Kunming Export builds some buildings, gate of entrance for ticketing; also build nice view points near their terrace as the sight spots.

Their lives have been interloped.

The building and viewpoints that Kunming Export built just near their living area. The gates are only against to visitors, free for local villages. The villages do not think that it’s fair. The view is free for everyone. But it’s they and their ancestors that create those nice views. They try to negotiate with Kunming Export. It’s useless. They are too weak. Kunming Export has a strong back ground.

They starting to no farming and find a job outside. Workings at factories in cities. Most of the young people are out for work nowadays. They think it’s the only way they feel they are doing something to against to Kunming Export to let them know they are un- happy.

They are feeling sad that pity, those terraces are getting worst years by years. They are wisdom and propertyleft by their ancestors. Done via their hands by generations and generations.

How much time they can last now?

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