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September 21st 2010
Published: September 21st 2010
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Sick in Shanghai is not how I wanted to spend the start of my Mid Autumn Festival, yet it is how I am. We finally get 3 days off from work and I am sick during them... so my luck!
I hate being sick abroad it it the worst feeling. I have been coming down with a cold and a sinus infection for a couple of days now. I started to lose my voice today during science class... this is what I get for give 2nd graders thermometers and trying to show them how to take the temperature of things around them... needless to say it didnt end well ; ).
Anyways I was on the metro today after work and DURING RUSH HOUR which means I was closer to 100 Chinese people that I have ever been to anyone in my life. I am not even kidding rush hour is hell. It isnt just that you cant get a seat... you have to fight to get on the train and once you are on it you want to get off the next second because you feel like you are going to be sick at any second. It is soooo packed.
It is not an experience that I will likely forget anytime soon. It will probably haunt my dreams. I was on my way to BSF and all of a sudden I felt like if I did not get off this blasted train I was gonna pass out. Of course there was no exit or way to get off even if we were at a stop because I was at the back far away from the door. Becca who was with me just kept looking over saying "V you ok... how ya feeling." She could tell that I wasnt going to make it much longer. Once we got off though we high tailed it to a Starbucks for water and AC. While we waited for Jess to meet us I laid my head back and before you knew it I was drifting in and out of a sinus infection sleep (Not the best kind of sleep by the way). Jess took one look at me and said "you shouldn't go to Bible study" you need to go home. Yet that meant getting BACK on the hellish metro. Luckily by the time I got back to the metro to head home the worst of Rush hour and died down. While it was still not a pleasant ride home because there were still no seat to be found, I did find a corner to lean against so I survived. There was also a bright spot in my feature when I though of treating myself to a 5 RMB (less than 1 dollar) rickshaw ride home (a treat we normally save bc it is just a 10 minute walk) yet when I emerged from the metro there were no rickshaws in sight. There were several police cars though so I suspect that the illegal but perfectly respectable rickshaw drivers were being kept away by the flashing lights. I then weighed my options 1. jump on the back of a stranger's moped and get him to take me home or 2. Walk home. I walked much to everyone's relief I am sure. I haven't had the guts to take a moped yet I have been assured that most are fine and that it can be really fun.
Now I am home though and have napped so I am feeling a little better and cant seem to fall asleep again so I am writing this.
Hope you all enjoy hearing about my adventures and sickness in Shanghai!


22nd September 2010

So sorry
Hope you feel better soon. I guess some noodle soup and rest are the best.
23rd September 2010

Are you studying Isaiah in BSF. I'm in a BSF class in Smithfield. How is the Chinese version. yes, I know it is done in English but are they similar to US BSF classes. Sorry to hear about your health problems. There isn't much you can do but rest. Keep up the good blogs.

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