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September 17th 2010
Published: September 17th 2010
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I am so sorry it has taken me so long to post about my adventures. I know that everyone's first year of teaching is hell, and I am suffering though it right there with my girls from back home. Sometimes I think it is easier here and sometimes harder. It really just depends on the day. So I am sorry it has taken me so long to post about my adventures last weekend. Here it goes

Last Saturday Becca Jess and I decided to do really girly things like going to try on wigs and getting our nails done. It was so relaxing and we has such much fun. Becca and Jess both found wigs that they want to wear for Halloween. I think Jess wants to be Barbie and Becca either 80s workout Barbie or something else. I refrained from trying on the wigs in the subway station and I still dont know what I am gonna be for Halloween. Jane Austen again? and just get a new costume made. I dont think anyone would ever get that here though. Anyways I am open for recommendations if anyone has good ones. I need one that I can wear to
She likes itShe likes itShe likes it

I think her choice in halloween costumes will now revolve around which if she can get a wig or not!!
school as well. So after wigs we went to get our nails done. I got OPI Monsooner or Later in honor of the monsoon we just had. Jess also got some awesome Chinese glitter nails. We loved our nail ladies and they loved us. They were all about our age and so cute. Becca (who speaks Chinese really well) was able to communicate with them fairly easily and smiling and nodding goes a long way I have found.

The on Sunday Becca and I went to meet up with some of her friends who live in Shanghai. Then we did one of the coolest things we have done since I have been here... we went to the fabric market. For any fashion person this is HEAVEN. They can make ANYTHING for sooooooooooo cheap. I have already ordered a skirt and a dress and cant wait to go back and try them on this weekend. I didnt get to bring my pea coat to china because I ran out of space but now I am actually thankful because I can just have an awesome one made. The fabric market can be a little overwhelming so I recommend going with a friend but not more than a couple because it can be to much.

As if your day was not amazing enough then Becca's friend Tom walked us over to the old city to get pearls. Tom lived in Shanghai when he was in high school so he took us to he booth were his mom got everything. Let me just say.... this is heaven. I got some freshwater peals for sooo cheap, and they had so many different kinds, colors and shapes. Everything I bought (which can be seen in the picture) cost less than $30 dollars and they are real pearls. I know it seems unreal but this is China.

Enough for now
Lots of love and more to come about this week later

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Kitty for dadKitty for dad
Kitty for dad

we found this kitty and another outside of KFC
I paid about $26 for everything you see hereI paid about $26 for everything you see here
I paid about $26 for everything you see here

I know everyone is buying their plane ticket to china now because pearls are so cheap.

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