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June 30th 2008
Published: September 23rd 2008
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Welcome from Cesky Budejovice, Czech Republic to Part 3 of my blog series on the wrap up of my final teaching semester at Taizhou Teachers College and Nanjing Normal University Taizhou College. May was a month of great contrasts and an enormous emotional roller coaster for the people of China. The horrific earthquake that struck Sichuan Province on May 12 absolutely paralyzed a nation. Everyone w... Read Full Entry

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Yama's Hen Night 1Yama's Hen Night 1
Yama's Hen Night 1

The girls had a night out in one of our local Korean restaurants to celebrate the impending marriage of Oliver and Yama
Yama's Hen Night 2Yama's Hen Night 2
Yama's Hen Night 2

Yama's having a good time!
Yama's Hen Night 3Yama's Hen Night 3
Yama's Hen Night 3

Stef brought her henna and gave us all a "marriage" tattoo!
Yama's Hen Night 4Yama's Hen Night 4
Yama's Hen Night 4

A closer look!
Yama's Hen Night 5Yama's Hen Night 5
Yama's Hen Night 5

The finished work of art!
Yama's Hen Night 6Yama's Hen Night 6
Yama's Hen Night 6

Now, what are you trying to say, Yama?
Yama's Hen Night 7Yama's Hen Night 7
Yama's Hen Night 7

Arms 'n legs!
Yama's Hen Night 8Yama's Hen Night 8
Yama's Hen Night 8

Yama and the girls.
Yama's Hen Night 9Yama's Hen Night 9
Yama's Hen Night 9

Just Yama and I.
Yama's Hen Night 10Yama's Hen Night 10
Yama's Hen Night 10

All a bit too much, Yama?
Children's Day 1Children's Day 1
Children's Day 1

June 01 is Children's Day in China and is usually celebrated with a number of different activities. This is an art exhibition featuring works of 4 talented young people showcased outside our new Hailing Theatre.
Children's Day 2Children's Day 2
Children's Day 2

Click on the photo to see the four featured artists from New Star private academy. The children attend art and music classes outside of their normal , very long, school hours.
Children's Day 3Children's Day 3
Children's Day 3

Proud artist poses in front of one of his traditional pieces.
Children's Day 4Children's Day 4
Children's Day 4

There's lots of interest from other children as well.
Children's Day 5Children's Day 5
Children's Day 5

Our new Hailing Theatre
Children's Day 6Children's Day 6
Children's Day 6

Across the road from Hailing Theatre, the replica Keju Examination Centre was nearing completion, so we decided to have a little preview.
Children's Day 7Children's Day 7
Children's Day 7

The concrete building behind me are examination cubicles where "would be" public servants sat their public service exams.
Children's Day 8Children's Day 8
Children's Day 8

Had to smile at this one! Surely an image that transcends time and culture!
Children's Day 9Children's Day 9
Children's Day 9

Click on the photo for an overview of the Keju Examination system that served China for over 1000yrs!
Children's Day 10Children's Day 10
Children's Day 10

Elegant statue of one of the key scholars and educators of the past graces one of the halls of the "museum". Can you guess who it is? It's Confucius, of course.
Children's Day 11Children's Day 11
Children's Day 11

Restless "dragons" waiting for their place of honour!

24th September 2008

So now that you have had this great expeience, what's next???? Can't wait to hear what your plans are!!
25th September 2008

Hi Tredie
Love your stories and photos, Hope to be in China in March 2009 for 2 mts when do you plan to return to Oz?

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