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June 30th 2008
Published: September 27th 2008
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05BE back to say goodbye 05BE back to say goodbye 05BE back to say goodbye

Some of the lovely ladies from one of my very first classes returned for their graduation and a sad goodbye, not only to me, but to each other as they move on to the world of work.
Hello this time from Neu-Purkersdorf (near Vienna, Austria)! This is the fourth and final episode wrapping up my final semester at Taizhou Teachers College and Nanjing Normal University Taizhou College! Yes, I know, it's been a long time coming, but here it is with 100 photos to boot!

My last couple of weeks were a whirlwind of farewells from graduation dinners for ex-students , special banquets from both my work teams, a few casual get togethers with friends and even a hen's party for our good friend Yama! It was such a fun time, but it made it all the more difficult to move on!

So enjoy this and a big thank you to all my friends, colleagues and students for sharing with me this amazing 21/2 year adventure. Your friendship and companionship is sorely missed! I look forward to our reconnection in the not too distant future.

Additional photos below
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A Special Night Out With The Boys A Special Night Out With The Boys
A Special Night Out With The Boys

These are most of the gentlemen from my first English Education major classes and they will always have a special place in my heart!
Business English GentsBusiness English Gents
Business English Gents

Armani, Jason and Joseph were the only gentlemen in a class of 43! All of them are now working successfully in various business environments involving international trade, interpreting and translating.
05EE Grad Dinner 105EE Grad Dinner 1
05EE Grad Dinner 1

This is the first in a series of photos featuring my first freshmen English Education Majors enjoying their graduation dinner.
05EE Grad Dinner 205EE Grad Dinner 2
05EE Grad Dinner 2

Still fairly quiet and sober at this point!
05EE Grad Dinner 305EE Grad Dinner 3
05EE Grad Dinner 3

A bit livelier here!
05EE Grad Dinner 405EE Grad Dinner 4
05EE Grad Dinner 4

Smiles all round!
05EE Grad Dinner 505EE Grad Dinner 5
05EE Grad Dinner 5

Not a lot of smiles here!
05EE Grad Dinner 605EE Grad Dinner 6
05EE Grad Dinner 6

and there's more.....
05EE Grad Dinner 705EE Grad Dinner 7
05EE Grad Dinner 7

...and more.......
05EE Grad Dinner 805EE Grad Dinner 8
05EE Grad Dinner 8

..and even more........!
05EE Grad Dinner 905EE Grad Dinner 9
05EE Grad Dinner 9

Finally some gents!
05EE Grad Dinner 1005EE Grad Dinner 10
05EE Grad Dinner 10

Definitely loosening up now!
05EE Grad Dinner 1105EE Grad Dinner 11
05EE Grad Dinner 11

Teachers toasting a job well done!
05EE Grad Dinner 1205EE Grad Dinner 12
05EE Grad Dinner 12

Great to catch up!
05EE Grad Dinner 1305EE Grad Dinner 13
05EE Grad Dinner 13

Students toast the teachers and say a big THANK YOU!
05EE Grad Dinner 1405EE Grad Dinner 14
05EE Grad Dinner 14

Some of my 05 1 & 2 girls want a more personal photo.
05EE Grad Dinner 1505EE Grad Dinner 15
05EE Grad Dinner 15

Dillon wants to be in on it as well!
05EE Grad Dinner 1605EE Grad Dinner 16
05EE Grad Dinner 16

Ziggy was one of my most dedicated students and spent lots of time with me out of class working to improve her English!
05EE Grad Dinner 1705EE Grad Dinner 17
05EE Grad Dinner 17

Isabelle was also an exceptionally hard-working student.
05EE Grad Dinner 1805EE Grad Dinner 18
05EE Grad Dinner 18

Little Lucy wants a photo with our diminutive Maple!

29th September 2008

The Freshmen have completed Military Training at TTC
Hello Sue, Glad to hear that your trip is progressing so well. Austria is a beautiful country, and Vienna certainly on of the world's great cities. All is well here in Taizhou, and many of our days have become a little cooler and the sky seems much more blue than I have remembered. The Freshmen are now all part of the TTC family, having completed their 2 week military training. Most are now going home for the Oct. 1st National holiday. I am enjoying my enlarged apartment. I think of you often and wish you continued fun and safe travel. Thanks for the photo memories of this past year. Hans
5th October 2008

greetings from Izrael
Hi, Sue! wooooooooow, didn't know you spent so many years in China. Must be so strange to leave now. Wish your next phase will be even more interesting and fulfilling! P.S. Great pictures!

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