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June 30th 2008
Published: September 23rd 2008
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Welcome from Cesky Budejovice, Czech Republic to Part 3 of my blog series on the wrap up of my final teaching semester at Taizhou Teachers College and Nanjing Normal University Taizhou College. May was a month of great contrasts and an enormous emotional roller coaster for the people of China. The horrific earthquake that struck Sichuan Province on May 12 absolutely paralyzed a nation. Everyone w... Read Full Entry

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Olympic Torch Relay 5Olympic Torch Relay 5
Olympic Torch Relay 5

We actually had to walk for an hour to our "viewpoint", so that meant we travelled along quite a lot of the Olympic Torch route.
Olympic Torch Relay 6Olympic Torch Relay 6
Olympic Torch Relay 6

Blocking the traffic must have been a big nightmare for local police!
Olympic Torch Relay 7Olympic Torch Relay 7
Olympic Torch Relay 7

Of course there are always sponsors to keep happy! For those who don't recognize who that might be, I'll give you a hint.... gut-destroying soft drink!
Olympic Torch Relay 8Olympic Torch Relay 8
Olympic Torch Relay 8

Susie and Jocelyn take a breather to smile for the camera.
Olympic Torch Relay 9Olympic Torch Relay 9
Olympic Torch Relay 9

The streets were lined with thousands of excited citizens.
Olympic Torch Relay 10Olympic Torch Relay 10
Olympic Torch Relay 10

I caused a bit of a "security alert" for some of our "minders" as I kept handing out little flags to the spectators and getting a bit separated from our group!
Olympic Torch Relay 11Olympic Torch Relay 11
Olympic Torch Relay 11

Not to worry, I just took off waving my giant flag to huge applause from the crowd! I felt that I was actually part of the relay myself!
Olympic Torch Relay 12Olympic Torch Relay 12
Olympic Torch Relay 12

This little one loved the flag I gave her!
Olympic Torch Relay 13Olympic Torch Relay 13
Olympic Torch Relay 13

Finally at our destination, we had to pose for more photos, of course!
Olympic Torch Relay 14Olympic Torch Relay 14
Olympic Torch Relay 14

Cool dudes join in!
Olympic Torch Relay 16Olympic Torch Relay 16
Olympic Torch Relay 16

Principal Xu looking very suave in his new sports outfit. I was a little puzzled that he was not in red though?
Olympic Torch Relay 17Olympic Torch Relay 17
Olympic Torch Relay 17

041 girls smile for the camera.
Olympic Torch Relay 18Olympic Torch Relay 18
Olympic Torch Relay 18

Cherry and Joy in particular had a great time!
Olympic Torch Relay 19Olympic Torch Relay 19
Olympic Torch Relay 19

Hans was unhappy with our "viewpoint" so hunted out a better place in order to get a "birds eye view" of the relay. Unfortunately, the local policeman nearby was not amused and indicated that he should get down immediately. Begrudgingly, he did, only to find the locals scramble up in his place! Of course, the policeman did nothing. He was concerned with the possibility of a foreigner injuring themselves on his beat! Hans was really miffed!
Olympic Torch Relay 20Olympic Torch Relay 20
Olympic Torch Relay 20

Finally the torch bearer!
English Corner at NNUTCEnglish Corner at NNUTC
English Corner at NNUTC

Some of my English major students approached me to join them in an English Corner aimed at the freshman students. They did a great job and presented me with a giant Jing Jing- stuffed panda, one of the "fuwa" or Chinese "friendlies" for the Olympic games and "National Treasure" of China.
Cooking Lesson with DaphneCooking Lesson with Daphne
Cooking Lesson with Daphne

I decided that it really was terrible that I had lived in China over 2 years and didn't know how to cook any of the myriad of specialties I had tasted during my stay. Daphne, who was in my class the previous semester was more than happy to give me a cooking lesson!
Cooking Lesson with DinaCooking Lesson with Dina
Cooking Lesson with Dina

Dina from my Business English class also offered to teach me to cook, this time Xuzhou cuisine from the North of Jiangsu. Her family has roots in Sichuan, so the food was somewhat spicier this time!
Enjoying the results!Enjoying the results!
Enjoying the results!

Ken had a little problem with the spicier dishes!
My contibutionMy contibution
My contibution

Dina shows off my contribution- a tray of freshly cooked muffins! Yum, delicious!

24th September 2008

So now that you have had this great expeience, what's next???? Can't wait to hear what your plans are!!
25th September 2008

Hi Tredie
Love your stories and photos, Hope to be in China in March 2009 for 2 mts when do you plan to return to Oz?

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