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September 30th 2013
Published: October 16th 2013
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Into Qiannan region through a winding road curved around mountain and valley. First time on this route and the landscape seem awesome but almost gave me a sicked stomach when arrived in Luodian. This part of Qiannan are the territory of the Shui people, being near to the Qianxinan border, here still dominated mostly by the buyi. with cloudy and unpromusing weather still presist, not much I could do although there were couple of sight seeing places in the area could be visit.
Further on to Pingtang on another swirling bus ride, landscape still nice on this trip, and Pingtang is unexpected pretty as it build along the curving bank of the Pingzhou river, the view is lovely from the small hill park right by the river. the area boasted pretty rivers and forest parks(Chinese standard), not tempting at all! Beside the Buyi, Pingtang also lived the Maonan people. so I made an effort to to Sizhai market but back with an empty hand. The Maonan live mostly in the township of Kapu, I finally saw some later in town, but I wouldn't realised if they didn't identified themselves, as their costume are similar to Buyi or Zhuang.
Dushan is a main traffic spot right on the cross road. huge construction work are going on in town with big building sites are everywhere, I wondered where the money and economy comes from? Perhaps people put their bets on the future new train station that is right in town could bring in business. Just look at all those proposed images of the future Dushan city with only westerners walking on the street surrounded be highrise glass walls and fancy shops....if 10% come out true would be not too bad. But I did not see many of those site are working, beside...a small strike happened outside the university building site, workers are demanding their payment when the boss could not be find.
Traveled to Sandu along the Duliujiang river through pretty countryside, especailly around Hejiang village, but a dam is under construction there, seem like those pretty view will soon be under water...nature give way to economy! roadworks seem never ending that radiate out from Sandu as I had seen last year. dust dust dust! Sandu is the region of Shui people, together with Dushan and Danzhai, the Shui will celebrate Duanjie within this month in the region. unfortuntely clashed with the October golden week in China, chaostic human traffic and stupid bus rule in station, I gave up looking for transpotation to the village for the festival. It wasn't that bad indeed to hangout in town for the market, it was lively and busy. "we are Miao"! what?? I was shocked! I was told they are Shui 8 years ago. after couple more times reconfirmed with them. well...there is correction to be make I guess. so...from now on...Shui is Shui and Miao is Miao!

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