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October 4th 2013
Published: October 16th 2013
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Majiang town is small and without much interest. I came looking for a Yao subgroup, a tiny community live around the Longshan township. I hit it on the market day to Heba, where most of the Yao resided. "30 mins walk" was what the driver told me when he drop me off by the road junction. great...I can do some walk on a nice day like this. a concrete path run between the valley, it was almost the end of harvest season, you still could see farmer beating off rice from straw in the field. many are piling dried straw into column, some already preparing for new crops. Heba valley is pretty where the Yao live on both side of the small river. the small market won't start until noon when the local finished their home business, then they walked leisurely into the market, I could see some women still wear their costume, a simple medium lenght jacket in blue without any embrodrey and pattern, only the cap like headdress show some of their hand work with fully indigo designed pattern. I would never guess they are Yao as their costume show no trace of any other Yao pattern that I knew. anyways...women still drawn indigo pattern on cotton, send it to vendor that came on market day for the dyeing process, then recollected it back on the next marke day.
another place of interest in Majiang is Xiasi old town and is famous for mading noodle too, probably guessed what an old town should be look like. and they are on their way there with many renovating and reconstruction work in town. look at the huge poster of the future golden egg. familia! market is busy and lively in Xiasi, you could see some Miao but not mamy in costume. Majiang region also claimed live many Buyi, but after couple of market trip in the area, none costume dressed Buyi could be seen.

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