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Asia » China » Guizhou » Liping August 8th 2019

Hi All, LongLi is a small fortress town in the heart of a Dong and Miao region. The fortress was built in the Ming dynasty, 17th century, to bring the region under the control of the empire. The people who still live in LongLi are direct descendents of the soldiers who came here from the east. The town also has a distinct look thanks to its eastern style architecture, so different from the surrounding Dong and Miao buildings. It was again easy to get here. We caught a bus going to JiPing and we were dropped off at the motorway toll booths of XiHua. We were then given a lift by a kind couple from LongLi who dropped us off at the east gate which has an old wooden pagoda on top of it. Directly outside ... read more

Asia » China » Guizhou » Basha August 4th 2019

Hi All, From Zhaoxing it was back to CongJiang bus station to find out that there are no buses that go to BaSha so we had to take a taxi, 30 rmb, to BaSha village. The taxi dropped us off at the ticket office, 40 rmb, and then we took the tour bus up to the village. We stayed in the hotel, name I cannot remember, which is just to the left of the village square. The view of the valley from our window was amazing. The hotel also had a great restaurant on the ground floor. BaSha village is a wonderful collection of hamlets that are pretty much unspoilt by tourism. There are some huge wooden racks that are used in the autumn to dry the rice grass. Alongside these there are also a great ... read more

Asia » China » Guizhou » Zhaoxing August 2nd 2019

Hi All, Fairly easy to get to ZhaoXing from KaiLi. First a bus to CongYang, about 3 hours, then a bus to CongYang's high speed train station and then finally a bus on to ZhaoXing. There is an entrance fee of 80 rmb which has to be paid before the bus continues on to the village. The village itself has really been spruced up for the tourist trade with masses of restaurants, hotels and shops selling the usual tourist niknaks. Behind the main street and down the little alleyways beats the heart of a working Dong farming village. There are a remarkable amount of drum towers and little wind and rain bridges scattered around the village and the houses down by the river are very pretty. In the evening we went to watch a performance of ... read more

Asia » China » Guizhou » Zhaoxing August 2nd 2019

Hi All, Up early and breakfast, sweet bean steamed bun and banana fritters, on the hoof as we headed east out of ZhaoXing to Tang'An. It's about 10 kms up a fairly steep road, or you can take the bus 10 rmb each way, which winds its way through some spectacular rice terraces. The views as we got higher and higher were just wonderful. We did end up having a slight divertion ending up in the village of XiaGe but as luck would have it there was a tourist pathway leading up to Tang'An this time up some rather steep steps. I was rather out of breath when I got to the village so I had a little sit down and watched the little kids playing. Tang'An is very much a working farming village with people ... read more

Asia » China » Guizhou » Kaili July 30th 2019

Hi All, MaTang is a tiny village outside of KaiLi. The people that live there the GeJia are a very small ethnic minority who are not recognised by the Chinese government. The Gejia are known for making batik cloth. Getting there is fairly easy. Take a bus to LongChang from the local bus station and the driver will stop and point you in the right direction. To return just get back to the main road and wave down any bus going back to Kaili. When we got off the bus a local GeJia lady accompanied us to the village and took us to her home and showed us how she made the batik material. She had made a beautiful coat, the one I'm wearing in the photo, so I bought it from her. There isn't much ... read more

Asia » China » Guizhou » Kaili July 30th 2019

Hi All, these villages are so easy to get to. I often marvel at the efficient public transport system that exists here in China. Today we caught the bus from the Long Distance bus station. The bus drops you off outside the village as you have to buy a ticket, 50 rmb for non Chinese, and then you can either walk, which we chose to do, or pay another 5 rmb and take the sightseeing car. The walk to the village is lovely along a river of crystal clear water in which the local kids were all cooling off from the intense heat. When we arrived at the village proper we were just too late to see the cultural show which they put on twice daily but at least we got to see all the locals ... read more

Asia » China » Guizhou » Anshun July 28th 2019

Hi All, Busy, busy, busy. HuangGuoShu falls are one of China's top tourist attractions and it felt like it at times today. I sometimes find the amount of people rather overwhelming but by the end of the day I was pushing, shoving and cutting the queue with the best of them. We managed to visit the three main sights in one day. It was a lot of walking and my legs and feet were aching rather at the end of the day. We first visited the TianXing Qiao scenic area to see the wonderful underground cave. The stone waterfalls were a wonder to behold. It was also lovely to go underground and escape the heat. From there we moved on to DaPuBu the largest of the parks waterfalls. I've never seen a large waterfall and it ... read more

Asia » China » Guizhou » Guiyang July 28th 2019

Hi All, Just a quick stop over in the big city before moving on to do some village hopping around KaiLi. Must admit we have been having quite a bit of trouble on our travels so far this summer in finding hotels that will accept foreign guests. We have had to resort to CTrip on a couple of occasions already. So finaly found a hotel, Austin Boutique Hotel, near the massive QianLing park, which was a bonus as it was the only place we really wanted to visit. It's a great area to stay with the park, a local market and lots of cheap small restaurants nearby. So an afternoon in the park walking up QianLing Shan to visit HongFu Temple. Along the way we came across the wild monkeys who live on the mountain there. ... read more

Asia » China » Guizhou » Zhenyuan July 24th 2019

Hi All, A short couple of train rides away from Shaoyang in Guizhou province lies the old town of Zhenyuan. Zhenyuan sits on the WuYang river and in ancient times was a prosperous trading city. From Hunan it's easy to catch a train from HuaiHua and it only takes a couple of hours. We had a bit of a nightmare with the hotel as we were turfed out at 9pm because the police had refused to allow a foreigner to stay there. We had to move to a more expensive one for one night and then moved again to another which had no problems with foreign visitors. First day we went up ShiPing mountain to see the MiaoJiang Great Wall. There were wonderful views on the 45 minute climb to the top. The wall itself was ... read more

Asia » China » Guizhou October 3rd 2018

Liudong is another beautiful and scenic spot nearby Pingtang town. This time, I decided to take a private car getting to Liudong village. It is about 15 kilometers from downtown Pingtang and the drive in is just sensational. Before arriving at the village, we stopped on top of the hill for some beautiful views of the entire valley. We then slowly descended the road until arriving at the village. After agreeing with the private car driver about the pick up time of the evening , I then began to take a look at the area. This place is the home of the Maonan ethnic minorities. In Guizhou there are 17 ethnic minority groups and it is the third largest province in terms of ethnic people in China. But, Guizhou also has some other ethnic groups that ... read more

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