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September 19th 2013
Published: October 16th 2013
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Xilin still look the same from my last visited 3 years ago. but being inside Guangxi already made thing a bit different. no more stupid roadblock and searching by police, no more unwelcome refused by guesthouses, and sure...no midnight visit by police! never understand why they had to made traveling in Yunnan so unpleasant! Being neighbouring with Guangnan, Xilin shared the similar tribal scene, the Zhuang and the Yao, but the bonus are the unique Pian-Miao, that are live in nearby Longlin County.
It was my first stay in Longlin, and it fall on the mid-Autumn Day, well...mid-Autumn...but it was still pretty hot, heard there are still typhoon and rain on the eastern China coast. the town of Longlin is a bit bigger than Xilin with 2 bus stations. with the holiday rush I better lay low in town to avoid the chaostic human traffic. There wasn't much to write about Xilin or Longlin, both are not general tourist destination, well...there are couple of designed tribal villages that one could visit...with their own car are more adaptable, some man-made lake and so and so. anyways...for minority scene, the De-er area still offered great opportunety. I also went to Kechang market where said to be an unspoiled destination, they even branded it "mini-Guilin". but the scenery nothing near the Guilin region, in fact...it was rather common scene one could see in Wenshan area. Kechang market you could see mostly Pian Miao and Zhuang, a surprised is the Han has costume as well.

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