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February 19th 2010
Published: March 14th 2010
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I never knew that ninth graders could be so scary until now. Emily's host sibling has the highest pitched screech ever and just wouldn't stop shrieking!! It was a good gathering, and it was fun, besides at the end when Rita (Emily's host sister) decided that she didn't want her 50 yuan back in change just because she was given fifteen 1 yuans along with bigger bills. She actually just threw the worst fit I have ever seen, because she just left all of the money on her chair and stormed out, screaming. But besides that scary incident, I met Annie (Celina's), Rita (Emily's), and Luke (Mike's). After lunch, at one of the malls on Wangfujin, Mike and Luke went home together, Ricky and Tony left to get Tony new glasses, and Annie, Rita, and Rose went back home, (Annie and Rose went to Rose's house to work on physics together, letting Celina and me hang out until we would meet up again at Rose's house...
So it ended up being Ms. Sargent, Antoine, Emily, Maia, Celina, and me trying to figure out what we wanted to do- We walked to forbidden City-- and took a few pictures, then walked back to wangfujin. And then Celina and I decided to stay at Wangfujin street a little longer as everyone left to just look around because it was still early.
When we were finally going back, Celina got a phone call from Annie asking where we were. At that time we were already in a Taxi heading back home- from the subway station (liujiayao)-- at this time it was the only way I knew how to get back to the apartment because they hadn't taught me how to use the bus system.
So they ended up saying that they just wanted us there right now-- and when we got back, we just sat around in my room-- and while they offered to us food and if we wanted to watch a movie while they continued to work- ten minutes later, they enter my room to say that they were done, and that Annie and Celina would be leaving.. even though they first said that they would eat dinner with us... how plans change quickly in China. So Celina headed off back home.. and that was the end of the day-- and the beginning of seeing how having ninth graders as host siblings can slowly get on one's nerve.. as they don't always understand what you're saying even if they say they do.

Love and miss you-- Michelle


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