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February 15th 2010
Published: March 14th 2010
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My oldest uncle took me and Rose to the Temple of Earth today for the temple fair. It was a lot of fun!! And guess who we just happened to bump into at the front gate?!?! Ricky, Miles, Victor, Antoine, and Tony!! So we ended up going with them around the place, I was the only one who played a few of the arcade games even though we all knew that they were rigged, uncle wanted me to try. 😊 I wish that I could upload my videos!!! but for some reason it's being blocked as of now, but I tried stinky tofu- and chicken lung and liver... and all this other random food. ughhh- it still gives me chills just thinking about it.
After walking around the stands of everything ever imaginable, we all went back to Miles' house to hang out and then go out to dinner with his parents. On our way there we went ice skating on the river... even though there was clearly a sign that said we weren't suppose to... but everyone else was.. so why should we?
At Mile's house we played Uno, the one with the machine that can spit as many cards
... they were just seeds... ... they were just seeds... ... they were just seeds...

but they told me to take a picture with it...
as it wants to... and then watched a Chinese movie... with Jackie Chan.. that we've watched before in Chinese class.. it's like Billion dollar Baby or something like that... it's such a cute and sad movie! Then we went to the restaurant and i tried Hami Melon for the first time, which is actually just like cantaloupe, so the ice cream was not deceiving me. It was a very good and filling meal, and was really fun, just being there with them, since I hadn't seen Victor or Miles since we the airport in Beijing. It was a great way to start the last week of "freedom" before school.

Love and miss you all- Michelle

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