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3rd September 2012

that sounds rough
From Blog: Stranded.
27th August 2012
Putin with Pigeons

From Blog: Photo Craze
27th August 2012

OMG! Is Pushkin!
No Putin! :))
From Blog: Photo Craze
12th May 2010

A decision well made
I hope your friends all saw this Michelle. You made a wonderful decision inspite of the decision to miss some of your senior year. You all do share a special bond because of this journey.
From Blog: Thank You.
16th April 2010

hahaahhahhahahahahahahahahahahaha <3
16th April 2010

THANK YOU!! Don't worry, i haven't done anything too dangerous yet..... i'll wait till u come back XD What kind of Pizza Hut sells green tea ice cream?
14th March 2010

Get well soon
Hope you feel better. I've been there myself, nothing worse than being sick when you are a long way from home. When you feel better . . . . . . . It gives you more strength. Best wishes to you, William (UK)
From Blog: Sick..
10th February 2010

haha ur own paparazzi
From Blog: Day two
2nd February 2010

Yay Michelle!
You're in China!
From Blog: Day one

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