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October 29th 2005
Published: October 29th 2005
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Obvious photo....Obvious photo....Obvious photo....

...sorry. All the Kitchens are Divine at the Temple of Heaven.
A few more pictures for your enjoyment while I still have access to the internet, it pays to stay at a nice hotel, bargain for only 65 quid a night for a 5 star.
We've not been too lucky here in Beijing, as with most of China, the place is in the midst of a massive building program. This also seems to be including most of the famous sights in Beijing, they are all being restored, I expect in time for 2008.
We went to the Temple of Heaven, it was covered in scaffolding, then to the Summer Palace, yes you guessed, scaffolding. Then I went around the Forbidden City this afternoon, only to find half of it in scaffolding. At least Tian'an men square (shame about's Mao's mole) was finished and we found a rather good fakes shopping centre, Rolex anyone?
Beijing is just too huge, as there is not much of a metro system, everything is overground and now is just about gridlocked, people have swapped the bikes for cars these days and even the 10 lane roads through the centre can't cope. Takes ages to get anywhere. It would make anyone appreciate how useful the tube in London
Say cheese!Say cheese!Say cheese!

At the Temple of Heaven, note the Chinese posing in front of the statue (see text).
Still, I managed some nice photos anyway. We have not yet got in to the Chinese habit of having to have your photo taken in front of every single interesting thing you see. They all take it in turns to stand in front of whatever it is and strike up some wonderful catalogue poses.
We're off to Datong tomorrow ( to the west of Beijing), to see some hanging temples and caves, 6 hours on the train, a good chance for some Yahtzee me thinks.

Additional photos below
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Scaffolding Pt IScaffolding Pt I
Scaffolding Pt I

Temple of Heaven being done up.

At the Summer Palace.
Scaffolding Pt IIScaffolding Pt II
Scaffolding Pt II

At the Summer Palace.

Or bridge, you decide.
Mao MaoMao Mao
Mao Mao

Some dead Communist or other is preserved here.
Keep the red flag flyingKeep the red flag flying
Keep the red flag flying

The Great Hall of the People is in the background.
Scaffolding Pt IIIScaffolding Pt III
Scaffolding Pt III

Mind the wet paint.
One of the many hallsOne of the many halls
One of the many halls

I've forgotten which, but there are 9,999 rooms there, so please forgive me.
And finallyAnd finally
And finally

One last photo of the Forbidden city.

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