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October 27th 2005
Published: October 27th 2005
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Ni Hao.
Time for some photos to keep you all amused, prize for the first person to work out who Chiang Kai-shek is.
Beijing is vast, went and saw the wall today and just stuffed my face with some Peking duck, very tasty. Mind you the silk worm I ate last night was rather good too, however I decided against the locusts, they looked a little too crunchy.
Jelly fish is a bit like eating an elastic band, strange. And the Hot pot we had in Cheng du had seahorses in it. They eat anything over here.

Additional photos below
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In the Army now...In the Army now...
In the Army now...

Here we are, left to right: me,Chiang Kai-shek, Andy and Julian. We have joined up.

This is the Pagoda built when Tripitaka, yes the Man/Woman monk out of Monkey, returned from India. 'The journey west' as it is know here is very popular, The nature of Monkey is irrepressible.

Yes folks, no trip to China would be comeplete without a trip here....

of the terracota kind
Water, water everywhere..Water, water everywhere..
Water, water everywhere..

This is a lake in Jiuzhai Gou, an area famous for the coloured waters in the valleys. The blue colours are really bright and caused by natural minerals.

Dafo, Le Shan. A huge Buddha carved out of the rock on the Yangtze near Cheng Du. It's big.
Jiuzhai Gou resortJiuzhai Gou resort
Jiuzhai Gou resort

This is the resort we stayed at in Jiuzhai Gou. It is a huge place built in the Han style. Really impressive for a modern resort.
Emei ShanEmei Shan
Emei Shan

This picture is taken on one of the Chinese holy mountains. It was very pretty and very much as you imagine China to be.

Cruising down the Yangtze between Chongqing and Yichan. Julian and Andy upgraded to the Presidentail suit so we had a massive deck at the front of the ship to ourselves, nice.

It does exactly what it says on the tin.

I found the Hidden Dragon, no sign of the tiger.
Where's Mary?Where's Mary?
Where's Mary?

Can you spot me? I think I blend in rather well.

27th October 2005

Nice cagoule!

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