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October 24th 2005
Published: October 24th 2005
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So, actually found some time to get to a computer to add an update (excuse the bad typing/spelling as I haven't typed for ages). Been extrmely busy so far, haven't stopped.
So far been to the following : Shanghai, Cheng Du, Jiuzhai Gou, back to Cheng Du, Chongqing, Yangtzee cruise, Yichang and now in Xian. We have not stopped but seen some great things, so many in fact I can't even think what we have done, but one thing I do know, Panda's are actually men in suits.
Feels like I have been away for ages, can't say I'm missing the UK too much!
And as for the food in China, it is amazing, even though we have cheated a bit with some Western breakfasts.
So far, strange things eaten include snake (which they bring to your table alive so you can inspect it first) which was very tasty, jelly fish and jumping drunken shrimp (basically served live in alcohol until they die a merry death).
The worst thing is the toilets, I guess I don't need to explain, but sometimes you get lucky.
China is excellent though, saw the Terracotta army today, really good, climbed a few mountains and seen quite a few temples.
And the Maglev train in Shanghai, amazing, it got up to 430KM/h so cool!
Starting to go native drinking excessive amounts of Chinese tea and spitting a lot (only joking).
Can't upload any pictures here so it looks like a very boring entry I'm afraid.
Off to Beijing after we leave Xian, with a detour to Datong then back to Shanghai for a well earned rest with Julian's parents.


25th October 2005

Please don't bring home snake as souvenirs, sounds gross. But glad you're having a good time. Shame about the toilets, we've got 3 beautifully bleached bogs ha! ha! Got the car - just fab and very red.
19th August 2008

The Army
So you didn't upload your pictures of the lovely army - but would still love to see them.... and pictures of your mountain traipsing adventures would be great too!!! Which mountain did you go to?

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