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Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap February 9th 2002

2 weeks in Cambodia, shooting off guns... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville January 5th 2002

The flight to bangkok was probably the most hilarious flight i have ever been on. so, we are standing at the counter, an english guy infront of us starts talking to us, he's funny, we continue talking, end up getting seperated, my sister and I are at the duty free area, walk around, take a seat, this english guy comes up to us with a bottle of vodka and is like " you wanna shot?".. we accept, he pours three large shots, we are all feeling a bit lightheaded, we walk through the security still holding our cups as he keeps pouring and even asking the security guards if they want a taste.. we enter the aeroplane, my sister and i have seats together and there is a nice indian man sitting in the one beside ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang May 14th 2001

The boat brought us to Phnom Penh at about 3pm and we met a lovely tuk tuk driver. He took us around a couple of guesthouses and we finally settled on Okay guesthouse. After checking in we went for a mooch around the city, stopping off at a restaurant along the riverside for a couple of fruitshakes. Phnom Penh is a busy city from the locals point of view but we found that, compared with Vietnam it wasn't so busy on the tourism front. The following day our tuk tuk driver picked us up and took us to see the S21 prison and the Killing fields from the Pol Pot regime. The prison is where they used to torture and question people but all but 14 ended up being taken to the Killing Fields where they ... read more

Asia » Cambodia May 10th 2001

May 2001 - The morning starts off with a start as I woke up thinking I was late. I had purchased a cheap, 100 baht alarm clock the night before and discovered that only the second hand was working and of course the alarm had not gone off. Fortunately however, it was only 6:40 and I wasn't suppose to meet my van for Cambodia until 7:30. Cambodian/Thai border crossing at Aranyaprathet, Thailand I took my shower and got dressed and headed downstairs to collect the outrageous 300 baht key deposit from the night before. I say outrageous as the room only cost 200 baht (fan only/no hot water). I suspect that the Sawasdee Sea View Hotel on Soi 10 in Pattaya was using the key deposit as a way to actually get more as many ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Phnom Penh November 30th 1999

It finally feels like the trip has begun. We had a ridiculously early flight from Bangkok to Phnom Penh, the capitol of Cambodia. I didn't really know what to expect... I had heard that the place was turning into a backpacker's Mecca but was pretty run down. Taking a look out the plane's window, the entire country seemed to be brown; it reminded me of an aerial photo of the North Korean country side. While the airport was pretty modern, with a somewhat unorganized customs system that rendered me $20 lighter and took up a page of passport space. We found a taxi and were off. The city was basically a disaster area, with beautiful colonial razer-wire-defended buildings and puddles of questionable liquids in the street. It appears that there's not public sanitation system for the ... read more
A Window at Toul Sleng
Getting Gas in Cambodia
Us and Matt Dillon's Driver

Asia » Cambodia August 10th 1999

5 days in Cambodia to meet Fetch, Jono and Sally... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South November 30th 1940

February 23, 2011 – Tuesday Weather – very warm & humid Upon arrival at the Phnom Penh Airport we were processed through their immigration very quickly. Due to repacking at the YVR airport Susan and I had put our Cambodian visa picture in checked luggage therefore we were forced to pay 2$US at the Phnom Penh Airport along with the visa cost of 25$US. Today is day one of our tour and we are overcome by the poverty in this city. Phnom Penh is dirty, dusty and every time you step out of a tuc tuc (motor taxi) there were children either begging or trying to sell trinkets. Glue sniffing was very prevalent among the youth. Our guide Lim was very informative, offering the necessary information as we toured the National Museum of Khmer Arts, the ... read more

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