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Asia » Cambodia » South » Phnom Penh March 7th 2020

Arrived back in Phnom Penh Wednesday night after a 7hr bus ride....quite good watching the countryside pass by. Our last 4 days here have been very relaxing, staying at the Lavanya Hotel which is a lovely little boutique hotel right in the centre of the city, $54 a night with a really nice breaky, we hardly had to get a tuk tuk for our last few days....we could walk everywhere. Mornings were spent exploring and afternoons by the pool was in order. We walked by the anti corruption commission and found we were not allowed to take photos we really wanted to as you see this grand building on one side and their carpark over the road is full of Bentleys, Range Rovers, Mercedes and even a Rolla......we were very amused by that! We revisited ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Phnom Penh February 16th 2020

Well we arrived in Phnom Penh Saturday afternoon after a last minute hiccup with our connection from Singapore to Phnom Penh....we were Qantas all the way but it was Qantas plane to Singapore and Jetstar from there to Phnom Penh...Jetstar cancelled the flight and put us on one 3hrs before we got to Singapore....anyway after 50 minutes on the phone to Qantas the solution was they put us on a flight the day before and we overnight at Singapore airport which worked OK....Crowne Plaza was a nice place and just in Terminal 3. It is nine years since we were in Phnom Penh and we are so excited to be back...had very fond memories from our last visit which was only two days whilst on a Mekong River Cruise in 2011. We had a few beers ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Phnom Penh February 3rd 2020

Alexander, nearly 5, is a rock hunter. He and his magnifying glass are rarely separated as he moves around searching for new and interesting rocks. He proudly showed us his collection in his treasure chest in his bedroom. Carried around in his pocket is a slice of rock with a fossil in it. He lives with his parents, Sean and Agata and little brother Elliot, in Les Jardins du Bassac in Phnom Penh. Not far from where they were previously as we recognised their old street and the small shopping centre with supermarket and cafe. And aircon. We hadn't seen them since we were in Poland in June 2018 when Elliot was born so it was lovely to see them again and get to know Elliot. He has a very good vocabulary for a 20 month ... read more
Playing with Pisey and Maradee
Townhouses in the compound
It's cool after 4pm...

Asia » Cambodia » West February 1st 2020

Sihanoukville 1-17-2020 Sihanoukville, Cambodia Dat nuoc Cambodia co 97% la nguoi Mien va .1% la nguoi Viet Nam tren manh dat rong 181,000km2 bang nua Viet Nam va chi co 15 trieu nguoi bang 1/6 Viet Nam. Duoc doc lap tu Phap nam 1953. Hien tai shihamini la Vua cua xu nay nhung Hun Sen la thu Tuong la thu tuong lau nhat Dong nam A tu nam 1985. Bi Phap do ho tu nam 1863. Trong thoi chien tranh Viet Nam Cambodia bi tha bom tu 1969 den 1973. Dao Phat duoc mang vao Cambodia tu An Do va ca hon 1,000 chua duoc xay va chua lon nhat o lang Ankor la Angor Wat va la Unesco site, Nuoc Cambodia duoc thanh hinh tu 802 truoc Tay lich. Vao the ky 19th Viet Nam ... read more

Asia » Cambodia January 12th 2020

The final cut of our photos: read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Phnom Penh January 7th 2020

We head off in the morning for Phnom Penh - another 4-5hr drive. I've calculated that by the time we reach Ho Chi Min (Saigon), we will have been driving for 28hrs all up, just on this leg of the trip. That's not including time getting to the hotel or specific locations etc. When we're on our way to Phnom Penh, going along a main road, we're constantly hitting pot holes, some of the road isn't even tarmac, it's literally dirt. We're flying around the van and falling off our seats. Vanny explains that a lot of the roads aren't built by Cambodians, they're actually built by other countries. The Chinese & Korean roads are really cheap, they need to be totally redone every few years. The American, Japanese, French roads are much thicker and don't ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot January 6th 2020

We spent the first half of the day Chasin' Waterfalls (Songs in your head innit?), then commenced on the 4-5hr drive to Kampot. Shortly before we get into town, Vanny announces that there's been an issue with our hotel. Another url= in town (7 stories high) collapsed, killing 36 people and injuring 26. Some the the police/rescuers/investigators ended up taking the rooms allocated for us, so our hotel moved us to another hotel instead. Given the tragedy that had occurred, the reasoning seemed ok. Vanny assured us it was a new hotel, so it didn't seem all bad. Boy were we wrong. We get into the hotel, it definitely doesn't look new, but hey, maybe he just meant new in ownership and it was just a misinterpretation of English. Get up to my room, open the ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South January 3rd 2020

This was always one of the highlights of my trip - seeing local communities and their everyday lives. While in Kampong Cham - my vegan options were incredibly limited. I found a place on Happy Cow and spent most of the morning trying to find it. By the time I got there, the place either didn't exist, the map location was wrong or it was closed. Given there were only two places in the city that offered Vege/Vegan options, this was a tad stressful. I googled "Vegetarian Restaurant" and a bunch of places came up, but none of them looked Vege from their menu's. Found a place when walking back, gave them my "I'm one of those VEGANS" bit of paper and they told me they could do fried noodles with vege's. I asked them to ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » East » Kampong Cham January 2nd 2020

650am start for us today. Your average person would hate the early start, me however, I'm loving it. We're actually getting shit done and seeing things. Because nothing's open that early in the morning, I stocked up on snacks. Oreos, chips and cashew nuts for breakfast. Yeah, not great. We're taking a public bus to Kampong Cham. My expectations of things on this trip have been grossly incorrect for the majority of it. I was expecting some shit heap bus like I've seen throughout Cambodia and Thailand, but instead, we get a very reasonable bus with air conditioning. We made several stops picking up locals and dropping them at their small towns along the way. Depending on the ticket the local bought, they either sat in seats or on stools along the aisle until the bus ... read more

Asia » Cambodia January 1st 2020

Kampot: 12-22-2019 Kampot Hom nay toi di den Kampot mot thanh pho gan Ha tien cua Vietnam dep nho co giong song Kampot River. Tat ca hanh khach tren xe deu la dan Au Chau. Ngioai tru toi. Toi khoi hanh luc 8Am va den do khoang 11am . Ban dau toi muon sang di chieu ve nhung thay Kampot co nhieu cho dac biec de xem nen toi o day mot dem de ve ngay hom sau. Toi dat tour di den Kampot cave, salt flat va Pepper Plantation. Toi di den Kampot port den di thuyen tren song Kampot nhu la mot restaurant noi tren song. Vi la ngay 12-23 nen ho co dot phao bong mung Giang sinh. Thuyen di tren song qua nhung cay cau rat dep. Ho co ngung tai ... read more

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