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Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang March 30th 2007

The trip to Battambang was a further confirmation of the direness of Cambodian transport. The "free pick-up from the guesthouse" turned out to mean a walk to the bus company's office, from where we had to grab a lift on another bus to the main bus station, wait there for 45 minutes, then get on the Battambang bus. Which promptly drove back to the bus company's office. Roughly 5.5 hours of non-aircon existence followed, with a miniature dust storm coming through the open windows. The first two thirds of the ride were essentially on a dirt track that just happened to be the width of a road. Potholes and ruts punctuated the surface, leading to slow, frustrating, uncomfortable progress. Arrival in Battambang was marked by a cavalry of astonishingly persistent motorbike-mounted accommodation touts. A couple of ... read more
Wazzer in Batters
Colourful breakfast

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang March 28th 2007

Looking from Aranya Prathet in Thailand to Poipet in Cambodia you could see the enormous casinos in the distance. We had heard about these super casinos which exist because Thailand has banned casinos and it's residents venture to adjacent border towns to satisfy their gambling cravings. What the four of us (Ben, Andrea and ourselves) were not prepared for was the trauma of the next 3 hours and the most difficult and worst border crossing that we have done! Poipet is described as the cess pit of south east asia by Lonely Planet and for once LP actually got something right. Before we were even across the border a variety of scam artists approached us. Some posing as official immigration officers, others as free advisors for tourists (yeah right!). Having brushed these guys off by Donna ... read more
Lounging for a drink
Who ordered the 50 workers in a truck?
arhhh...innocent cambodian village life

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang March 20th 2007

Sunee Seday shiny little followers of the light So we've been in Cambodia for three days, and besides becoming attached to Angkor beer, available in large Quart sized bottles for stupidly low money, we've seen some crazy crazy stuff, and insulted all manner of locals, fellow tourist diplomats, and i think a monkey. We landed in Phnom Penh, and for the first two nights in this crazy cool spot we decided to drink ourselves into a stupor and wrote down notes of what we saw. Actual extracts include; Dear God its hot Sweet merciful Allah its hot Buddha already new its hot, its why he's taking a power nap half the time Beer is awesome Beerbitch used to be cool, that mans changed So we go out with some tourist people, and decide to drink ... read more
Just Buddha

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang March 5th 2007

We had an amazing time in Siem Reap touring the temples. While we were in Siem Reap we heard about a smaller city in Cambodia called Battambang. It seemed like a good place to go since the tour groups don’t stop there. We talked to a travel agent who said for $6 we could get there by bus. You may ask yourself what kind of bus does one get for $6? We can tell you, it’s not good. Picture this: first a rickety taxi picks us up from our hotel and takes us to a travel agent at 7am (remember all of this is part of the $6). The travel agent puts us in a minivan, which we thought was the bus all the way to Battambang, however this minivan simply took us about 2 miles ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang February 20th 2007

After the splendors of Angkor Wat, we spent several more days exploring other aspects of Siem Reap. One particularly meaningful experience was a visit to the landmine museum, run by the Cambodian Landmine Museum Relief Fund . The project was begun by Aki Ra, a former member of the Khmer Rouge Army. Though only a child when he was enlisted, he was taught to work with explosives and to lay the deadly weapons. Now, years later, he has removed and decommissioned thousands of these mines, often without anything but the most rudimentary equipment. In addition to raising awareness and funds for landmine victims, the organization has taken in more than 30 young people who have been severely injured by mines and other weapons. It is estimated there are between 8 and 10 million unexploded landmines ... read more
River Life
Young Vendor

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang February 16th 2007

What to do what to do in Battembang?? A walk around the place was just like any other place in cambodia really apart from alot more french buildings than id seen before.Busy roads,Noisy as hell,jam packed markets.There wasnt really alot to do.The night before id met some people from the boat trip and we paid for some homeless kids to sit and eat with us which the people in the cafe were not to happy abut which was a bit suprising.You think theyd want their own people to eat.We ended up leaving and taking them to another cafe,soon wed be surrounded by a huge gang of dirty children with pjamas worn for maybe 3 weeks asking for "yim yam" (food) but we couldnt pay for all,But the resteraunt owners attitude had left me with a ... read more
Kids Playing At The Dam......

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang February 15th 2007

In the build up to me travelling in asai I already had a basic plan mapped out.One of which was when leaving Siem Reap was to take the boat to Battebang which the lonley planet describes as the "most scenic boat journey in Cambodia".Everyone I spoke to In Siem Reap though seemed to be getting the bus straight to the capital, Phnom Phen.I advised a few friends of mine who were heading off a day earlier to do this trip and I would meet them later on little did I know what an adventure it would be. I got picked up from my guesthouse at around 6.30 am with the usually standing around wondering why id been told to be here an hour ago.Time doest really exist in Asia I think.I was hoarded onto the ... read more
The Boat sets off
Life On the River
Life On the River

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang February 4th 2007

Pa smo v slovitem Battanbangu. Kambodza je se zmeraj cudovita. Spet sva ustali skupaj s petelini ali pa jih celo prehiteli. Nekaj po 6. uri sva ze sedeli na "taksiju"- v pickupu do pomola. Na poti do tja smo nalozili se cel kup drugih popotnikov, vecinoma postaranih zahodnjakov, ki so se nad sedenjem na zadnjih gumah, na svezem jutranjem zraku, kar malo pritozevali. Not pa smo se na zadnjih zicih stiskale 4 punce. Imenitno. Voznja do pomola je bila fenomenalna. Imeli smo razgled na rizeva polja, nad katerimi je vzhajalo rdece, gorece, popolnoma okroglo sonce. Takega sonca se nisem videla, tu pa se (ce ga dobis ob vzhodu ali zahodu) ponavlja vsak dan. Do pomola je vodila razmeroma neasvaltirana cesta. Kambodza je res razbita drzava, ampak do tega se pridemo. Na pomolu pa spet najprej petminutna ... read more
Home sweet home
Tudi to je dom

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang February 3rd 2007

Our six hour boat trip ended up being ten hours, not counting over an hour picking up people and getting to the water. The first couple hours were quite cold crossing the Tonle Sap lake, who would have thought of bringing windbreakers to Cambodia? not us. After crossing the lake we travelled up river the first part of which was very nice floating fishing villages and mangrove forest. We actually saw more floating village life than we did during our Mekong trip. The river got quite narrow, shallow and winding to the point where we bottomed on occasion and also bumped the shoreline. Also many houseboats with 4"clearance so passing with any amount of speed was out of the question. Of course there were lots of kids along the way waving and yeling hello. Later as ... read more
Mr Lim and Cam
Floating village
Kids fishing

Asia » Cambodia » North » Battambang January 26th 2007

Die letzte Station in Kambodscha ist Battambang, zwar nach Einwohnern die zweitgroesste Stadt des Landes, aber im Gegensatz zu Phnom Penh oder Siem Reap eben noch kein Touriort, sondern ein ganz normales Provinzstaedtchen. Aber erst mal der Weg dahin: der geht naemlich (statt langweilig den Bus zu nehmen) mit dem Boot ueber den See Tonle Sap und dann, sich einen Fluss entlang schlaengelnd, nach Battambang. See und vor allem Fluss haben jetzt in der Trockenzeit einen aeusserst niedrigen Wasserstand und dementsprechend gestaltet sich die Fahrt: das Boot muss schon auf dem See einen merkwuerdigen Zickzackkurs fahren, sowohl eben um allzu flachen Stellen auszuweichen, aber auch weil die Fischer sich hier kilometerlanger "Zaeune" aus Fischernetzen bedienen, in denen nur an wenigen Stellen eine Luecke ist, durch die unser Boot gerade mal so eben hindurchpasst. Gut zielen sollte ... read more
Tonle Sap
Prek Toal
Stung Sangker

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