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Asia » Burma » Yangon Region » Yangon November 14th 2005

Myanmar has three happiest days in their life days in their lifetime. Wedding day, the last day of the monk hood and releasing from jail”. Of these occasions, today I would like to present you about the Myanmar wedding ceremony. First of all, my presentation will not cover the complete sample of all of our ethnic groups due to the time limitation. Anyway, I will try to express the common and prominent type of Myanmar wedding ceremony as much as I can. A Myanmar girl has three occasions of Mingalar , Auspiciousness, in her life as a baby when she is given a name, then in her puberty, having her ears bored so that she may adorn herself with family jewels. The last and most important is her wedding day and aptly enough a wedding is ... read more
Wedding ceremony
Myanmar Wedding ceremony

Asia » Burma » Yangon Region » Yangon August 17th 2005

1. Enter on a schmick-looking Bangkok Airways flight carrying only 16 people. Look miffed given that one only has six rows to oneself. 2. Make disapproving tutt tutt noises at fellow travellers having visa issues and holding up the queue of two. 3. When accosted by touts and money changers, confound them by acting as an ambassador of goodwill, smiling and replying "yes, thank you, I've packed my white bikini". 4. In the process, fail to notice worried-looking Burmese driver holding up sign with one's name on it. 5. Walk daintily past sweating taxi drivers gesticulating in rusting Datsun taxis and step into waiting 4WD whilst one's (friend's) driver struggles with one's backpack and tripod. 6. Driven to friend's three story house where one is given a room the size of shipping container (complete with ensuite ... read more
Rushing through Shwedagon
Government Service Workers

Asia » Burma » Yangon Region » Yangon December 15th 2004

I was fortunate enough yesterday to go to Rangoon for work - quick stop at the office in the morning, followed by sightseeing - Shwedagon Pagoda and Bojok Market - then a delicious lunch with my Burmese colleagues before flying back to Bangers. I didn't really expect Rangoon to be depressing, from reports I'd heard from friends who've been there. But it was so totally normal and quiet, which I didn't expect either. The streets were ordered, there were big green parks, nature strips next to pavements - nothing like Bangkok or Phnom Penh. What was particularly striking was the lack of motorcycles - since a General killed a motorcyclist a few years, while he was driving his big car, no motorbikes are allowed in Rangoon (except for the police and military) - clearly, it was ... read more
View from entry to Shwedagon

Asia » Burma » Yangon Region » Yangon December 24th 1974

Missionary friends of ours living in Chiang Mai were planning to visit the churches in Rangoon, Burma (now Yangon, Myanmar) over Christmas week. They asked if we wanted to come along. We thought that would be great to visit this closed country with someone who knew where to go. We both applied for visas, but theirs were denied, perhaps because of their occupation. They encouraged us to go, and we could take some things to the church that they were going to take. So we did. 24 December 1974 Tuesday. We flew from Chiang Mai to Bangkok and then from Bangkok to Rangoon, arriving about 8 pm. While waiting for our bags, we noted that all the shops and money exchangers were closed. There was a strict prohibition against using foreign currency in Burma, so we ... read more
We stayed at the Tamada Hotel
Judson Chapel where we went to the Christmas day service
Crumbling buildings from the British colonial era

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