3 Facts to Remember when Planning a Trip to the Asian Switzerland “Bhutan”

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October 19th 2016
Published: October 19th 2016
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There has been a myth and mystery surrounding the reality of fascinating Switzerland. You must have read about a million anecdotes or stories regarding the ultimate European paradise, right from Swiss Lakes to Swiss Alps, Cheese, Watches, Chocolates, and more. What if we say that there is another Switzerland within Asia? Yes, you heard right. The answer is “Bhutan”.

Bhutan is an Asian version of Switzerland sharing same kind of beauty, tranquility, natural wealth, and climate. Ask the globe trotters, and you will come to know what we are saying. You must have seen Bhutan on National Geographic Channel till now. But the real thrill comes in choosing Bhutan tour packages , and actually visiting the place.

There a number of mysteries and myths even surrounding the Asian Switzerland, such as the names by which it is called say “Shangri-la”, “the Fairyland Kingdom”, “the Land between Heaven and Earth”, and many more. The Government of Bhutan have made conscious efforts to preserve the pristine natural and cultural heritage of the country by implementing certain rules that we will be discussing for people who are already planning things to this beautiful country.

1. Planning an itinerary to Bhutan is not so easy

That’s right. You cannot simply pack your luggage, board a flight, land at Bhutan airport, and start roaming around to explore the country. You need to take part in the Government sponsored program and pay $250 dollars a day for just about everything that includes meals at Bhutanese restaurants, sightseeing places, monasteries, transportation, tour guide cost, food, and hotel stay.

2. Things to know about obtaining a visa

You need to get your Visa from the tour operator itself and not by some kind of an embassy. It will cost you a few dollars per person, which is quite affordable. There is a watch Bhutan Government keeps, so that there are just a certain number of people allowed into the country every year on non-immigrant visas. Hence, plan early if you want to explore this hidden destination.

3. Travelling to Bhutan means there is just one airline and one airport

You will be surprised to know that there is only one airport and one airline operating in Bhutan. The airport is named “Paro”, and the airline is “Druk Air”. On top of that no more than a dozen countries have accessibility to Bhutan. Hence, it is wise to plan your Bhutan tours , 3-4 months in advance before anybody takes your place. The process of landing and take-off in Bhutan is a lifetime moment to cherish.

Is Bhutan the next travel destination on your checklist?

Now since we have talked a lot, it is decision time for you guys. This is just the information meant for starters. You need to extract detailed information in your own way by checking out the travel guides, Wikipedia articles, and from all over Internet. You would not regret visiting this beautiful place. However, do have your own share of research before visiting this Asian Switzerland.


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