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Asia » Bhutan » Paro January 17th 2020

Friday, 17th January 2020 My last day in Bhutan was spent ascending up Tiger’s Nest or Taktsang Monastery. Separating us at the valley floor where we begun our journey to the summit is about 2000 feet or 610m. The climb involved lots of determination to complete especially in the high-altitude environment where W and I were clearly gasping for oxygen along the way. Eventually, we managed to make the hike in about 5 hours (including rest-stops and temple tour) which was quite efficient according to our guide who accompanied us throughout the trek. This was definitely one of the highlights of my Bhutan experience even though my favourite was still the nature hike in Phobjikha Valley. The icing in the cake at Tiger's Nest was that we were greeted by light snow when we approached the ... read more
My guide and driver for the trip

Asia » Bhutan » Paro January 16th 2020

Thursday, 16th January 2020 The drive back to Paro City was long and winding. I had mixed feelings about leaving Gangtey given that this is probably one of the most beautiful places in Bhutan. However, my minor brush with altitude sickness meant that I could only get better when we headed down to the lower elevation. Along the way, we made a couple pit-stops to complete the long journey. By noon, we were back at the beautiful Dochula Pass for lunch before continuing our drive to Paro via Thimphu. It was early evening when we reached downtown Paro where there was some free time for shopping and light snacks. Over coffee at one of the cafes, I had a good chat with my guide and driver who had accompanied me over the last couple of days. ... read more
Lunch at Dochula Pass
Downtown Paro City
My huge bed at Tashi Namgay Resort

Asia » Bhutan » Paro October 27th 2019

Toen ik vanochtend wakker werd, zag ik Karen op de zetel staan voor ons raam. We hadden namelijk zicht op de luchthaven. Het was enorm schattig hoe enthousiast ze werd bij het opstijgen van een vliegtuig. Niet veel later stond ze buiten met de camera foto's te nemen van opstijgende vliegtuigen. Daarna gingen we eten. We waren best laat. We zijn er ondertussen echt uit dat Indiërs de meest irritante vakantiegangers zijn. Onbeleefd, luid en ze vinden dat ze het middelpunt van de aandacht zijn. Tegen 10u30 werden we opgepikt door onze gids. De eerste stop was de oudste tempel van Bhutan. Gebouwd in de 7e eeuw. Op zich was er verder niet veel speciaals aan. Alleen dat het één van de 108 tempels zou zijn dat een of andere master buddhist op 1 dag gebouwd ... read more

Asia » Bhutan » Paro October 26th 2019

Na een avondmaaltijd om nooit te vergeten (om 2 redenen: 1- we hebben het ondertussen al heel veel gegeten, 2- diner aan de rivier was echt wel onvergetelijk) en na het zicht vanuit onze kamer op een prachtige vallei, kwamen we aan bij het ontbijt. "FRIETJES!!!" riep Karen naast mij. Ze is al enkele dagen aan het zeggen dat ze goesting had in frietjes. En jawel, als ontbijt! We moeten hier natuurlijk ons toch wat aanpassen aan de cultuur hé! We stopten nog even aan de plek waar we gedineerd hadden om enkele mooie foto's te nemen. (en te zien hoe mooi het er eigenlijk echt was) Daarna reden we een beetje verder en stapten we door de velden en de dorpjes naar de tempel van de Divine Madman. onderweg kwamen we ongelooflijk veel piemels tegen. ... read more
2019-10-26 08.08.20

Asia » Bhutan » Paro June 15th 2019

Have you ever a picture postcard in person? I am sure a lot many of you have.I hope you remember the feeling when you landed on the postcard land for the first time. That was my feeling on 9th June 2019 when our Airbus 319 landed with a rather jolt on the small airfield of Paro, the only airport of the Kingdom of Bhutan. My first experience of Bhutan was the striking Silence of the place. As if by magic we have reached a land of silence. The Airport was very small and the immigration process was done very fast. We were greeted by our Guide and Driver duo of Bishnu and Ram outside, both looking very smart in their similar national dresses.The drive from Paro to Thimphu took us 1 hour and half but it ... read more

Asia » Bhutan » Paro November 3rd 2018

Paro eventually reopened for business and we returned there on lovely country roads where we could appreciate the scenery and local way of life, which included terraced farming on the hilly landscapes. We stopped on the way at Friendship Bridge, a joint venture between Bhutan and India. It had been built at the confluence of three rivers and the waters looked lovely and clean, sparkling in the sunlight, though it was certainly fresh and I had to wear the only suitable jacket I had with me for the low temperatures and I was heartily sick of seeing it by now. While we were there Ransinga suddenly whipped his cap off at a passing car. He could tell it was a Royal Family car by the number plate, he said, and he wanted to show respect. He ... read more
Steve at an entry gate, Bhutan
Solar dogs, Bhutan
Arts and Crafts centre, Bhutan

Asia » Bhutan » Paro October 21st 2017

Saturday morning dawned rainy and chilly in Paro, Bhutan. The forecast had been for temps only in the low 40s; accompanied with rain it could be a bit uncomfortable, not to mention encountering potentially muddy and slippery trails, for our group's trek to Tiger's Nest, the cultural icon of Bhutan. It had poured last night, so the always pleasant and pleasing Bhutanese said we'd have no rain today as it had already washed itself out. I hoped the weather agreed with their optimistic outlooks, but took a rain jacket with me anyway. Waking at 5AM, dressing in layers, dry-bagging everything I wanted to carry, I went outside and found it was not too cold, but a misty rain was still falling and heavy fog covered the hillsides and mountains. Even so, we boarded the van and ... read more

Asia » Bhutan » Paro May 9th 2017

The Tiger's Nest Today was the day we were looking forward to as the final event of the trip, the hike up to the Tiger's Nest Monastery. It is a 2.5 mile hike (each way) with an altitude gain of 2000 feet. That gain doesn't sound like much, but when you figure we are going from 8,000 to 10,000 feet it is a bit more trying. The monastery hugs a sheer cliff, if you were to fall off the thing it would be about a 3,000 foot ride down before you meet the earth. The temple was built here in 1692, I have no idea how. When a fire destroyed much of it in the early 1990s they had to build a cable car line to haul up supplies and tools to rebuild it. How the ... read more
From where we started
Half way up
The start of the steps

Asia » Bhutan » Paro May 8th 2017

Marcia thought you might just like to see some photos without text. We have found the faces of Bhutan and Nepal engaging. And have been impressed with how hard people work with so few tools. Here are a few photos.... read more

Asia » Bhutan » Paro April 19th 2017

19.04.2017 First, something about Bhutan from Wikipedia : "It is landlocked country in Asia and entirely within Himalayan Mountain range.Located in the East Himalayas, it is bordered by China in the north and India in the south. Bhutan lacks a border with nearby Nepal due to the Indian state of Sikkim and with Bangladesh due to the Indian states of West Bengal and Assam. Bhutan is in South Asia and is the region's second least populous nation after the Maldives. Thimpu is its capital and largest city, while Phuentsholing is its financial Center. Bhutan was never colonized in its history. Situated on the ancient Silk Route between Tibet, the Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia, the Bhutanese state developed a distinct identity based on Buddhisum. Headed by a spiritual leader known as the Zhabdrung Rinpoche, Following a ... read more
 on the way
Paro Dzongkhag
Paro Dzongkhag

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