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Asia » Bangladesh » Chittagong May 18th 2018

Be a traveler in your own country, you can easily be lost without purpose and passport! Small vacations are actually good to have a short trip in own country ! For me, it’s an opportunity to explore the landscape and characters of my surroundings and be proud of the place where I was born and raised ! I Last week, I took 5 days off to visit Rangamati and Sajek Valley. Rangamati is the only district of Bangladesh with two international borders of India and Myanmar. Interesting! We enjoyed the overnight journey from Dhaka to Chittagong and it is not that much exhausting if you take AC bus; even better if you take train. Reaching Chittagong and bus from Oxygen for Rangamati! After reaching Chittagong,we went to a place called Oxygen mor and took a local ... read more
Wind !
Tribal food!
That Moon !

Asia » Bangladesh » Chittagong October 28th 2016

I guarantee that "I'm going on holiday to Bangladesh" could well be as seldomly-heard sentence as "Wasn't that a lovely traffic jam", but hey, there is a lot to be said for pioneering tourism, and a pioneering tourist is destined to pioneer, after all. The first port of call in Bangladesh happened to be the port city of Chittagong, and the country's second largest urban area. You might even be forgiven for thinking that this is a city devoid of actual tourist sights, but then again, we are in a nation which is pretty much devoid of an infrastructure which serves as a magnet for incoming international tourists. For the sake of argument, we'll dub Chittagong as a city of experiences, where cultural tweaks will probably impact upon the visitor the most, and the first port ... read more
Local landmark (Chittagong; Bangladesh)
Bay view (Cox's Bazar; Bangladesh)
Sunset view (St. Martin's island; Bangladesh)

Asia » Bangladesh » Chittagong January 11th 2012

Beach, boats, tribal people and fish Here comes the first blog entry from my latest travels. This time the destination was Bangladesh. This is my first visit to Bangladesh and it is one that I have looked forward to for many years. Unfortunately the photos on this and the two following blog entries are less good than they usually are. First there was hazy and cloudy weather some days and that made the photos a bit less colourful than usual. I also had a mishap with my camera on one of the first days in the country and that messed up many of my photos. I hope you still think the blog entry is worth reading. I landed in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. My plans were to see the rest of the country first and ... read more
Elephant sign
Elephant print

Asia » Bangladesh » Chittagong December 10th 2010

Well, its nearly time for me to pack up all my things and leave this wonderful city that has been my home for three months. Its a time of the entire cacophony of emotions - i feel sad to be leaving such wonderful people that have become my family and friends, but also i feel happy to be seeing the UK again. Overwhelmingly i feel a sense of acheivement and joy with everything that i have done here in Bangladesh. This week has been one of two things; Goodbyes and Shopping!! Each day of teaching has been difficult, with each successive class that i have had to teach asking the same question, 'Why do you have to go Mr Will?'. I have been inundated with gifts (seven mugs at the final count - not all of ... read more
The English Staff
Boudi and I

Asia » Bangladesh » Chittagong December 4th 2010

Well, this week was the week of the ADF! And what a full on week it was. Sunday, i was back at school rehearsing from 5pm until 8pm, Monday i had half a day at school then rehearsals from 2 until 6. Tuesday we had the day off due to a national strike organised by the BNP for some political reason i can't get my head round. Then, Wednesday was a normal day of school and finally, i had Thursday morning off until 1:30 where i went into school for the performances!! I really didn't know what to expect from the shows. My piece was only a small part of a much bigger 2 hour show - all based around the concept of Festivals of the World. I was directing a short drama based around the ... read more
Eyasmin, Rashida and Boudi
My Kids

Asia » Bangladesh » Chittagong November 30th 2010

Last night, I had a trip to Handi for some incredible food with some friends. When i say incredible food, i mean it. The tastiest Naan breads and perhaps the most wonderful chicken dish i have ever tasted. And all for under £5 - and thats expensive here! It is by far my favourite restaurant in Chittagong, a place i have been to many times, and will hopefully have my final meal out there!! But the story really begins with the ride home. It involved a rickshaw, perhaps my favourite form of transport and something i will greatly miss riding in when i get home. Now, the main road which Handi is on is a dual carriageway type of road, and the restaurant is on completely the wrong side of the road for us to get ... read more

Asia » Bangladesh » Chittagong November 26th 2010

Sorry all for the lack of blogging over the past week or so. I was waiting and waiting until i had anything interesting to say...then i was ill, after that my modem died. If there's one thing i've learnt, its that in Bangladesh, me and technology do not mix!! So i shall start from the last blog! We arrived back from Srimangal to Chittagong as a ghost town. As it was Eid-ul-Azha on Wednesday 16th, huge numbers of people were travelling out of the big cities and back to their ancestral homes in villages across the country. Those that stayed had in store for us one of the weirdest scenes i have ever seen. This Eid was all about sacrifice and slaughter, families bought cows and goats and marched them along the streets. On the morning ... read more
Inside a Bengali Church
The Graveyard Entrance

Asia » Bangladesh » Chittagong November 6th 2010

This week has been such fun, full of interesting new discoveries and things to do. Firstly, last Friday, i had myself a little tour of Chittagong from perhaps the most knowledgeable man in history. He drove me around all the sights of the city - taking in the War Cemetary, the old British Court House, the Old Town and even the Catholic Church. The man, Iqbal, just filled me in with so much information about the Raj and the War of Independence. It was such a fun few hours spent with him learning about the culture and history of this place. On Sunday I discovered that Middle Class Bangladeshis celebrate Halloween to a far greater extent that I ever have... Friday night we have a party at the flat of some American girls from the Asian ... read more
Football Anyone?
The Railway Offices
Zia Memoral Museum

Asia » Bangladesh » Chittagong October 30th 2010

As i hurtle into the second half of my 3 months here, i thought a time of reflection on the previous six weeks would be appropriate. So, here follows a list of rules and discoveries that must be followed by anyone coming to Bangladesh. 1. If you want something doing, ask four times. Or do it yourself This is particularly prevalent if you are working whilst here. At no point in these six weeks at CGS have i asked for something once, and got it straight away. Booking the school minibus is a great example, involving four or five phone calls or visits to the head, being told wildly different timings or reasons why i can't have the minibus, only to discover that it has been booked and will come. At which point i wait downstairs ... read more
Nahid and Myself
Crippling Poverty

Asia » Bangladesh » Chittagong October 24th 2010

Of all the bad things that could go wrong, the majority of them went wrong this week. This blog is, therefore, a sense of finality to the terrible week; a way for me to forget my troubles and move on to ever greener pastures. Sensibly, i shall start at the beginning of the week (last Sunday). After a relaxing weekend to get over the horrors of Cox's Bazar (i still shudder at the thought) another day's holiday loomed large. I planned to go to Chittagong University with the Library staff for some lunch and to look at the lovely scenery. But, whilst Sunday loomed large, so did an illness of dramatic proportions. Now, you won't want me to go into details, but i'll let you fill in the blanks with a simple statement; the toilet and ... read more
Coconut Water - The Gift of a Settled Stomach
At Work

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