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December 10th 2010
Published: December 10th 2010
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Libray StaffLibray StaffLibray Staff

Mr Clump, Nahid and Momtaz Apa.
Well, its nearly time for me to pack up all my things and leave this wonderful city that has been my home for three months. Its a time of the entire cacophony of emotions - i feel sad to be leaving such wonderful people that have become my family and friends, but also i feel happy to be seeing the UK again. Overwhelmingly i feel a sense of acheivement and joy with everything that i have done here in Bangladesh.

This week has been one of two things; Goodbyes and Shopping!! Each day of teaching has been difficult, with each successive class that i have had to teach asking the same question, 'Why do you have to go Mr Will?'. I have been inundated with gifts (seven mugs at the final count - not all of which i can take home) and seriously heartfelt letters from students expressing their sadness at the short time we have spent together. I've even had a couple of students getting all teary eyed on me, which managed to set me off!! The teachers that i have adopted me into their families have all been extremely generous, giving me beautiful bed spreads and hand made
The English StaffThe English StaffThe English Staff

Sporting my lovely Panjabee which i was bought as a gift.
material that i will treasure forever. Over the last few days, whenever i walked along the corridors i was mugged by students wanting to say goodbye, and in classes I was often nearly bowled over by group hugs. This simply illustrates the incredibly generous nature of Bangladeshis, I have only been here for three months and still there is a real sense of sadness at my leaving. I am indebted to the people that i have met here for making my transition to such a foreign country relatively painless.

My leaving Chittagong will be terribly sad, but i will be spending a few days in Dhaka before my flight, where i have booked tours in order to do some sightseeing. Luckily i have something to look forward to, and i am very excited to be able to become a proper tourist for a few days and to see the capital city. Then, Tuesday, is the long flight back the UK for a cold, and wonderful Christmas.

I leave with sadness, but also with joy. I have made friends here that I will keep for life. I have already been invited to Kolkatta to meet the family of Boudi,
Boudi and IBoudi and IBoudi and I

My greatest friend here and my adopted mother!
perhaps my greatest friend here. I know that I will return here, that life holds even more exciting adventures for me, and that my three months working in Chittagong has given me memories that I will treasure forever, Inshallah.


10th December 2010

This is so touching you made me cry - I am really sad for you as you end this lovely experience but I can't wait to see you on Tuesday. Love the Panjabee - suits you xx
10th December 2010

Oh my gorgeous Godson, you have brought a tear to my eye too! Really looking forward to seeing you and hearing first hand about your wonderful 3 months. Lots of love and have a safe journey home.
11th December 2010

Writing it i brought a tear to my own eye! Oh we are such a soppy lot. xx
13th December 2010

real poverty
I am glad that you travel to the real treasure of Bangladesh--her people. Its sad that the Western world knows Bangladesh as a country of poverty and disaster. Bangladesh is obviously poor, but there is generosity and hospitality that you will find nowhere and it defies the traditional concept of poverty. Have a safe journey and may you come back again! Khoda Hafez.

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