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October 7th 2010
Published: October 7th 2010
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As you can tell by the title, it has been raining, a LOT! The past three days it has pretty much rained constantly. Now, in the UK, i would probably be moaning about that. But here, it is great. It has dramatically cooled down (to a positively chilly 25 degrees), the sun hasn't been beating down on us, and listening to the rain is so relaxing! Obviously, if it keeps raining this much, maybe I'll get tired of it - but for now im positively ecstatic about the complete downpour!

I spent last weekend teaching poor children, who speak barely any English, 'Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes'! It meant two early mornings, but it was so worth it. One was at the play park where Isa had his birthday party, the other was at a hospital and school called Nurture, which was excellent. I'm sure you can all picture me, hot and sweaty, singing and doing all the actions to the song. The kids looked at me as if i was basically mental, but seemed to really enjoy it, and now know parts of the body! So all is worth it i am sure.

As my previous blog showed, we had a major saga over our maid. She has now been replaced with a very sweet and lovely maid called Henna (i think thats how you spell it). She works on my floor at school, so i've seen her around, and she is a very good cleaner and cook. She goes around with a big smile on her face, so its really good to have her! Luckily we didn't quite run out of fresh water, but it came close - so having a maid back is a good thing! I've also had my fair share of tasty Bengali sweets, got myself a doughnut of sorts for this evening, and have had a couple of really lovely meals out. Me and Bonny even experimented with an Okra dish which tasted very good! Cooking myself a Thai Chicken and Noodle Soup tonight, which will hopefully be YUMMY!

The teaching has gone really well this week too, the kids seemed to really enjoy discussing a topic they knew a lot about - the internet! We had some laughs as well, though i did have to become mean Mr Will as quite a few of them had not done what i asked and failed to read anything for this week. Hopefully now i've laid the ground rules we can all get on very well. I also started the Annual Drama Festival at the Upper School with Bonny, which should be really fun. The teachers are nightmares, not pulling their weight, but im helping out a piece based on the Venice Carnival which should be very very fun indeed. Starting the Middle School ADF next week, I'm kind of in charge of the Drama bit, which should be pretty fun! Its so important that the school has rearranged the timetable just so we can fit it in... I have no idea where this week has gone though, its all going very very quickly!

Next week i am off to Cox's Bazar with some of the Indian teachers who live in my building. It is the longest beach in the world (apparently) and a place the Bangladeshis absolutely love and insist i go to. Not sure how great it will be, Bonny has been twice and wasn't that enthralled, but it'll be amazing to get out of the city. We are also taking a local bus, which will be fun, i do love a long bus journey (though this is only four hours - nothing really!!). Its only a 3 day week next week, we are on holiday from Wednesday until Monday as its the Hindu holiday Durga Puja. I'm off to Cox's on Wednesday morning and back on Friday, staying in the Media Hotel apparently. I cannot wait!!

Thats all for now - i have had a cold, but im gradually getting over it. How i can get a cold in such a hot country is beyond me!!


7th October 2010

Mr Will
I love that they call you Mr Will! Glad also that you have a new maid and are being looked after again but don't get too used to it - don't expect it at home! Keep on loving it all xxx

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