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October 4th 2010
Published: October 8th 2010
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Morjina Doing the WashingMorjina Doing the WashingMorjina Doing the Washing

Alas, a sight we will never see again
I though a more subject specific blog would be a good thing, and the best story i can tell is that of our maid...

Our maid, Morjina, or Big-M/M-Dog to some (Bonny) has left us. She can no longer cope with looking after two disgustingly dirty foreigners when she has a family to clean up after as well. She was perfectly happy to do all of this when there was a Bangaldeshi woman living here, but apparently Bonny and I are just too horrible to look after. So, we have been left without a maid for 4/5 days. 'Get over it and look after yourselves' i hear you cry. Alas, i wish it were that simple. I would never know how to wash my clothes without a washing machine, but i am pretty certain we can clean a lot better than her.

It is such a shame. Seeing her similing face (though this was a rare occurance) when she arrived for work was a pleasure, and some of the food she cooked was spectacular (though some was not). Yes, she's ruined a few of my clothes. Of course, i don't think shes ever cleaned my room properly. And has she cleaned the kitchen properly ever? No! But seeing her pottering about in a grumpy mood, or occasionally in a happy mood, calling me 'The Sir' and cooking me food will be missed. Farewell Morjina.

God i hope the next maid is better...


4th October 2010

the maid
so were the "disgustingly dirty foreigners" her words or yours?
4th October 2010

This is your best blog so far. I hope your next maid is as interesting :)
4th October 2010

Those were entirely my words Mum, added for comic effect. Though i imagine thats what she thought...
4th October 2010

Well let's hope you can keep the next maid. To loose one maid is careless but to loose two would be unforgivable!!!!

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