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September 22nd 2010
Published: September 23rd 2010
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I am going to try and have a weekly blog update, probably wednesdays or thursdays, it'll help me get into a routine of my life!

So, i began teaching on sunday and have had four lessons (and 20 classes - yep, im in five 40 minute lessons a day) with classes 5, 6 and 7 (who i think range from about 10 to 13...but their ages vary wildly!). And, guess what, i have really really enjoyed it! With my library lessons (which are simple conversation classes to build confidence in the kids using english) i have been getting the children to have ten minutes in a pair to tell each other all about themselves, and then asking them to stand up and tell the class two facts about their partners. Their grasp of english is surprisingly good, and a lot of them seem really willing and excited to get involved. Whether this is just because i'm new i don't know, but hopefully they will keep engaged and excited. I'm planning to do lots of different topics for them to discuss - next week is all about their heroes - and maybe get some songs or acting involved. Its nice as i can plan the same lesson for all of them and just adapt it to suit the age group.

I'm also taking english creative writing lessons, which are all my lessons on a tuesday. This will be one week of learning new words and ways to write, and then the next week writing some short stories that i can mark. Which will be really fun i hope. I'm also sitting in on five other english lessons where they are learning grammar - the teachers taught me a few things about grammar today!! So, that's teaching. Im also meeting lots of new people in the school, they are all really friendly and are willing to give me lots of help in finding my way around etc. Im hoping to be able to use them to take me out to place around the city, and maybe even for some of them to invite me for dinner at some point - fingers crossed anyway! Im also trying to learn some Bengali with them - i already know how to say 'How are you?', 'Im fine', 'My name is Will' and 'Too much!!'. Hopefully i will be fluent in no time!!

I've been out food shopping - bought completely the wrong things, but hopefully next time i will know what i can cook and buy. Im going to try and learn at least one new Bangladeshi meal a week. Plus, our maid has cooked me a couple of local foods which are incredible. My evenings haven't been filled with much, but i've been pretty busy emailing and things. Me and Bonny are off out this afternoon to see some of the city, and hopefully when i find some friends in the city i can find some more things to do in the evenings. I'm even considering joining a gym!!! I'm usually home by 3pm, so there is a lot of time for me to fill in the evenings. Apparently there is a place where we can get really really cheap DVDs so i imagine i will be watching a lot of TV series. The West Wing or True Blood are going to be my first purchase...

Im also hoping to see lots of the country and the city - again i'm going to try and do one cultural thing per week because there isn't that much to see, but i want to make sure i see it! There's a WW1 cemetary near the school which i think will be my first trek out. I'm trying not to spend too much money while i'm out here, if i wanted i could quite easily spend all my salary eating out and still have lots left over - but i hope not to!!

Hope everyone back home is well and keep in touch. If you want more info on how im getting on, drop me an email!!


24th September 2010

Drama lessons
Exciting to read about your first experiences teching. I thimk I may recognise the interviewing technique. Glad t came in useful. Will send you a longer message soon. xx

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