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September 18th 2010
Published: September 18th 2010
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I'm here! Had a spectacularly long journey but i arrived in Chittagong yesterday at about 7pm and was brought to my flat to settle in, see Bonny and generally relax!

So...the journey. The flight from Heathrow to Dhaka was actually really nice, it was pretty empty so i had a row of three seats to myself. So set myself up a bed and tried as much as i could to sleep - probably got in about 3/4 hours. There was a screaming child, but the flight attendant (a pretty formidable woman) managed to shut him up! She was really lovely and managed to make me feel really happy and welcome. The food was really nice - a chicken curry with rice for dinner and some omelette thing for breakfast. The inflight entertainment was not up to much, so i just read my book, listened to my ipod and slept.

Arriving in Dhaka, it was really hot and i went straight through to immigration. Stood in the wrong line for a few minutes, eventually go in the right one, and then waited for a while at the desk until i got sorted. Then went to baggage claim - my bag didn't arrive! MAJOR PANIC! Found a nice man who told me the bag would be loaded onto the Chittagong flight automatically, and that really i should have gone through transit and not planned to leave the airport, but after sorting me out he took me to find Sherry's driver. I was taken to a coffee shop met Sherry and some of her family, then taken with Sherry and the family to one of the family houses where i was left in a room to 'make myself comfortable'. Which was strange, as i was in a house i didn't understand but i got my book out, and was later joined by the family where i was met with many questions and a lot of lunch. After a rest (where all i wanted to do was sleep) i was whisked back to the airport, for the flight to Chittagong. I needed to make sure my bag would be loaded on, somewhat forcefully, and was checked onto the flight. Met another nice man who befriended me, gave me his card, and took me to the plane!! After a really short flight, i landed and went to the internal arrivals section. I waited and waited for my bag and eventually had to go and find someone. I could see my bag but, because i was supposed to have gone through immigration at Chittagong and not Dhaka, they didn't think i had entered the country right so wouldn't give me my bag. After showing my visa, passport and baggage ticket they finally gave me my bag and i was met by the minibus. From there i was taken to a restaurant where i ordered food for dinner and food for today's breakfast and dinner (which wil be sent to the flat!). I was then given an advance of 5000 taka (about 50 quid) and taken to the flat where i saw Bonny and unpacked and got settled. My food arrived, i ate it, and then went off to bed. I couldn't really sleep until about 2am...too much on my mind and the jet lag wasn't helping.

Eventually got to sleep and woke up at half 8 in order to get to school for 10 (i was picked up at half 9 by the minibus) and have my induction to the school. This was a very informal chat, i still don't really know what i' doing but i asked about getting my own internet (I'm usig Bonny's at the moment) and all i need to know. Meeting Zehra (the old Library teacher) at school tomorrow to find out what i need to do for the next three months. Me and Bonny are going to go out and have lunch and go shopping later so i can see the city!

I feel pretty overwhelmed and bewildered, i probably won't get used to this life for a while, but im also rally excited to get started. I know that once i do i'll be fine, but just sitting here wth very little to do is pretty rubbish. I really hope i get my internet soon so that i can Skype people and not have to scrounge from Bonny! Please keep in touch with me via email or facebook, i should also have a Bangladesh SIM card working in my phone in the next couple of weeks so you can easily text me.

I'll get some photos up once i have my own internet. Love to you all.


18th September 2010

Things can only get better
What a lot to cope with in such a short period of time. You have done magnifieciently so far. I hope the work is sorted soon so you can have a real sense of purpose with your teaching. Hope your jet lag is now behind you.

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