Im in AFRICA... finally :)

June 19th 2010
Published: June 19th 2010
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Africa trip

After what feels like an etirnety I am finally in Meru ,Kenya, everyone here is so friendly and nice. The place were staying in is a methodist guest house whch is basicly a hotel its very nice and the food is awesome.

The flight from Houston to Dubia was 15 hours and I felt every single one of them, but the lay over was good we stayed in an awesome hotel and had great meals. I know a few people that will be jelious that I had athentic curry. The flight from dubia to niroabi wasnt so brutal, it was only 5 hours and I slept thru at least 4 of them. We stayed in the methodist guest house last night and it was good as well. We met another group from Chicago that was staying there, we didnt talk much but I thought it was kind of interesting non the less.

This morning we had breakfast and hit the road to Meru, which was a 6 hour drive excluding all the stops. We ate lunch at this very fancy trout farm and the lunch was spectacular. We also stopped on the equator and saw the demonstration of how the southern and nothern hemispheres make water rotate differant ways, which was trippy haha. After that the local vendors drug us off to there shops to take a look at the special items they had for us. I literally had to settle on like 5 things to make them leave me alone haha.

We just had dinner in meru and met all the people here, I am very excited to be here for the next couple of weeks and serve along side these awesome people.

Tommorrow we are going to church and then think we are doing some worship later that afternoon, they said that it was nothing like our worship so i am very excited. 😊

I thought I might add that I am absolutly in love with the tea here although all my other travel mates seem to hate it and also the US should have had that game last night... the last "goal" was rediculous!!!!

Also a very happy fathers day to my and all those dads out there, hope it a good one!!! 😊


19th June 2010

You MADE it!
So happy to hear from you! Everyone watched your plane as it traveled real-time online. Can't wait for you to tell us what you are seeing and experiencing! Stay safe and open yourself up to what God will do through you while you are in Africa. Many people are praying for you and your group. You are loved! Mom
19th June 2010

Thanks for the update. It sounds awesome. Well, except the long flight part. We miss you and can't wait to hear more Dad
19th June 2010

Praise God for travel mercies!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you so much for the good report. It's great that you enjoy different come from a long line of english tea drinkers. You are the first in our family to ever set foot in Africa and we think you will be a good ambassador. for us and for Jesus. Dittos on the World Cup[..Love and blessings.

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