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June 20th 2010
Published: June 20th 2010
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After a night of worrying weather or not I was fully covered by the mesquito net was slightly discomforting but I slept well considering I was so dog tired from the activities of the day, reguardless of my sleep this morning was great. We went to a church here in meru which had about 450 in the first service which was the english speeking service and then after a short intermission we went back to another service which was in Kimeru and had slightly less people. Although most of the service was in another language it was so apparent that Gods presssence was there and that he was smiling apon the people of this place. They fed us lunch and we made some good friends but after that we came back to the compond and just kind of hung around for a while.

I forgot to mention on our way to the guest house from the airport we saw a cheetah in the back of a van with a collar and a leash on it hahahahaahah it was a rather marvolous animal i might add, and our guides said we probably wont see one on the safari so i felt rather blessed. 😊 most everyone here here speaks english so it pretty easy to communicate. the ones who doent speak either swahilli or kimeru... and i cant make heads or tails of either one lol it was so funny this morning at church the kids all wanted to shake our hand to say theyve touched a white person.

its getting late, well its not late its only like 8 i think ,so i think im going to goto bed

love and miss everyone



21st June 2010

Watching for God
WoW! What a thrilling experience so far! I love how you are experiencing God through these people. Where do the people live? Are they natives,as in tribal? Do they wear clothes like us? That is crazy about the cheetah!! Can't wait to hear more. Love you and miss you a lot!!

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