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It was a full moon night,- I think it was Supermoon. And it was my second night in Tsavo staking outside the lodge for the elusive leopard. Last night I waited until midnight. The animal didn’t show up. Tonight, I am giving my last shot before I leave Tsavo tomorrow morning. It was past 10 pm and most in the lodge have gone back to their rooms. The attendants turned off the lights and headed to their rooms also. Only I was hiding in the shadow behind a post with my camera. I was keeping an eye on the rack of lamb hanging from the makeshift wooden post just outside the perimeter of the porch. It was bait. From where I took cover, I could see the moonlit landscape of the Tsavo plain far below on ... read more
Elephants destroyed my hope for the leopard with the bait
Earth is red in Tsavo
Endless plains of Tsavo

This was our last stretch of the journey for the day. As the sun was leaning to the west, I was getting a bit concerned. “We have to find a place to stay,” I told Hardev. Given the landscape around, I didn’t have any appetite to drive around in the dark. It’s not like Mara. Here we were driving through the bushes, trees, lava rocks and unpaved dusty roads; driving through the ditches were common and unless you have good joints in your bones, I bet some would come loose after the trip. I didn’t even know if the Rover would survive at the end of the day as it was dancing through the boulders most of the time. There were hardly any tourists around. True, we haven’t seen many big wild lives yet, my sense ... read more
A view from our balcony - elephants come from there
Endless plains of Tsavo
Always alert!

Africa » Kenya » Eastern Province » Moyale January 26th 2014

October 14 There's been so many amazing excursions in the past seven months but today was an unexpectedly brilliant day. Who knew that there was such a thing as the Nairobi Goat Derby?? Not only that but it's so well organized and all in the name of charity. Here we were thinking we'd go take a look for an hour and we shut the place down almost ten hours later... Most of the group came along for a look and we pulled some tables together with prime viewing of the starting line. A few goats munched happily on the grass and bushes, seemingly unaware of what was in store for them. The hilarity began when the teams tried to dress their goats in t-shirts. Obviously the goats weren't overly keen and it took several people per ... read more
A reluctant entrant
And they're off!
A well earned break between races

Africa » Kenya » Eastern Province » Tsavo East National Park January 25th 2014

It's now over a year since I wrote (I've had to change that sentence several times as it took longer and longer to finish this entry) . And although I thought about my blog, I assumed it would fade away into the lasting graveyard that the Internet is and no one would mind. Well. I've received several messages from followers and others who stumbled across my blog and have finally arrived at this moment. I have written and apologised to those who wrote months ago and made a promise to finish off last year's trip. It's been quite humbling and flattering to think some care enough to want to see the trip through to the end. So yes, I am alive (to the person who asked, thanks for checking!) and am still somewhat struggling to fit ... read more
Giraffe crossing
Home sweet home
Here they come!

In January we have completed 6 years in Kenya, the time has flown by. We have had Samburu National Reserve on our list for years. We managed to take 2 camping holidays, the first to Samburu and the second to Lake Naivashas Sanctuary Farm, which is always a favourite. Samburu is well known for 5 species that are unique to this park, we managed to see all of them, and even a Leopard, which was very exciting! We camped by the river and had a lovely, sandy stay with friends. Work and school starts up for everyone this next week, we look forward to another busy year in Kenya. Happy New Year! Miriam... read more
More vulturine Guineafowls
Somali ostrich
Beisa Oryx

Africa » Kenya » Eastern Province » Moyale November 16th 2013

The border process between Ethiopia and Kenya was smooth and friendly, which was a relief after the hassles we experienced in Egypt and Sudan. We were knackered after a long day, but the hotel we checked out was a bit expensive so we trundled off to find something cheaper. We succeeded by finding a guesthouse for locals who allowed us to ride through their restaurant to store the bikes in an area down some stairs. Tricky to get to, but nice and safe for the bikes. Soon after we arrived the skies opened. Proper rain. The first we had experienced since Europe. A novel buzz in some ways, but also pretty concerning as we were to face the most notorious road of our trip the next day, the two day "Hell Road" from Moyale to Isiolo. ... read more
Morning on the Moyale to Marsabit road

Africa » Kenya » Eastern Province July 16th 2012

Hope you enjoy these pictures!... read more

Africa » Kenya » Eastern Province January 27th 2011

Well this is a bit weird, adding another story after more than half a year, but as I was checking this site again in preparation for my next trip I felt like finishing my blog on Kenya. Also finally found out how to upload pics next to the story :) I can tell you it's a lot easier with actual working internet... So here I go, some words on my last week in Kenya, see what I can still remember... Lindsey and me decided to travel through the Rift Valley during our final week in Kenya, great decision it was! First of all we headed all the way to lake Baringo passing Nanyuki on our way. Nanyuki was an unexpectedly nice little town, with the best little coffee house I've seen in Kenya AND a Nakumat, ... read more
Our Banda :)
Wiiiine :) :)

Africa » Kenya » Eastern Province » Moyale January 19th 2011

Heading towards Nairobi, there are three ways to leave Moyale, the dusty border town with Ethiopia - either bus, bean truck, or cattle truck. Until a few years ago there was no bus, and locals and tourists alike were forced to travel by truck. In the cab for the lucky, and rich, ones, in the back and on the roof for everyone else. Clearly I had the option of the bus, but I also had a sadistic desire, and moment of madness, and wanted to ride on the roof of a truck - I'd never done it before (reason enough to do it now?), I guessed you'd get great views, and it felt like the perfect arrival into Kenya. I was hoping for a ride in the relative comfort of a bean truck - wanting to ... read more
Truck lucky
Truck lucky
Truck lucky

Africa » Kenya » Eastern Province June 27th 2010

My last day in Meru consisted of preaching, attending a CD release party, and DRIVING!!!! It sounds like a simple task but it truly is hard when everything is backwards hahahahahaha Tomorrow we leave from Nairobi to fly to Massi Mara to start our safari... I am very excited :))) Today has undoubtedly been the funnest day and I will never forget Africa!!! Love and miss yall James ... read more

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