On this website I will share my latest adventures with you! My last trip took me to Kenya, absolutely amazing country, amazing people, can't wait to head back into that direction 😊 My next trip is bringing me to a complete new world though, which is always a bless, and it is going to be India! Hope you'll enjoy my stories...

Asia » India » Haryana » Hisar March 9th 2011

It took a little while, but finally here is a story on our weekend to Delhi! I’ll write a separate blog on my daily life advetures, otherwise it’s going to be too much to handle, both to write and read ;) We planned to go to Delhi during our second weekend, although untill the last moment there was still uncertainty about that Saturday being a holiday or not. Finally we were lucky and got the green light to GO  Holidays are a strange thing here, you can never ever be quite sure untill the very day itself, holidays can be cancelled, postponed or announced pretty much at random, which makes planning sometimes quite difficult! Anyways, we took a bus to Delhi, were we found a hotel in one of the main tourist areas. And yes ... read more
Big Handicraft Market Delhi
Poor drivers pulling the heavy load...
Group Pic

Asia » India » Haryana » Hisar February 10th 2011

Well hello! My first blog from the subcontinent :) After waiting for about one month, last week we finally got our student visa (the Dutch Indian Ambassy Visa Office or whatever its called should be awarded for their lack of service), and last thursday we jumped onto a plane to Delhi :) We immediately took a bus, cab, bus, and tuktuk to our final destination, the campus of Haryana Agricultural University in Hisar! I should mention that Indian public transport is extremely cheap, and just as slow, 5-6 hours to travel 150 km... Our accomodation is quite nice, not very cosy, but at least we have our own bathroom with a normal toilet :) :) and a nice warm shower, which can now still be appreciated... The campus is nice, pretty green, spacious, and not as ... read more
Group Pic
First Party with our new friends :)
Holy Cow

Africa » Kenya » Eastern Province January 27th 2011

Well this is a bit weird, adding another story after more than half a year, but as I was checking this site again in preparation for my next trip I felt like finishing my blog on Kenya. Also finally found out how to upload pics next to the story :) I can tell you it's a lot easier with actual working internet... So here I go, some words on my last week in Kenya, see what I can still remember... Lindsey and me decided to travel through the Rift Valley during our final week in Kenya, great decision it was! First of all we headed all the way to lake Baringo passing Nanyuki on our way. Nanyuki was an unexpectedly nice little town, with the best little coffee house I've seen in Kenya AND a Nakumat, ... read more
Our Banda :)
Wiiiine :) :)

Africa » Kenya July 1st 2010

It’s been a while! The past month I didn’t have a lot of time to write any new stories, and besides that because of the work the weeks were also a little less exciting ;) But now the work is finished!! So happy! Arrived in Nairobi yesterday and I will hit the road with Lindsey after lunch to do some traveling. So here’s what I’ve been doing the last weeks… Last time I left you with the story about my trip to the Taita hills, the weekend after we decided to go to Mombasa. It started of quite promising when we fetched a nice ride with an empty safari van, 10 x more comfortable than any of those other crammed busses or matatu’s. The drivers of the car also seemed to be really nice and genuine ... read more
Blood analysis in our camping lab
Always smiling and dancing
Some kids in Kibwezi

Africa » Kenya » Eastern Province May 17th 2010

Oops it became a really long story, so here are some highlights and things that got my attention. I understand that not all of you want to read the entire story ;) For pictures I refer to facebook :) - peeling 25 kg of cassava every morning is very boring, but the children like it and it's really good to see them eating with a smile on their face! - kenyan drivers are crazy, they overtake anytime, anywhere. which even gets Elise to shout: fuck you! asshole! while rasing her middle finger. liking my supervisor. - becoming a real hero when it comes to big cockroaches and other stuff, armed with my flipflops and insectiside. - study is going well, although our time schedule is very tight, and being in Africa doesn't really make it go ... read more
Me and Lindsey on top of the Hill
African Scenery
Elephant :)

Africa » Kenya » Eastern Province April 30th 2010

First Impressions I'm in Kenyaaa! Wednesday morning, at around 4.00 we safely arrived in Nairobi. We then took a cab into town and checked in at some dogy hotel recommended by our cab driver. Apart from being a bit dodgy, dark, having little air in the room and a few cockroaches it was quite a nice place :) I shared a room with Gabriel, luckily otherwise I would have felt a bit unsafe, although there were some guards in the hotel. Our hope was to move to Kibwezi the same day, but eventually we didnt leave untill yesterday around 17.00. So we've spent almost two days in Nairobi, very busy city, packed with people and matatu's (small vans which are extensively used for transportation). In the beginning I had to get used to the city, and ... read more
Mombasa Rd
Happy Kibwezi People :)
Me ..

Europe » Netherlands » Gelderland » Wageningen April 25th 2010

Hello! I finally decided to make a blog to keep you posted on my latest adventures :) Ok so here I am still in the Netherlands.. Feeling I should start a pharmacy, on the table next to me there is an incredible amount of pills (Djoeke and Steef thnx for the Malarone, without you I would've been bankrupt already), powders, and other stuff. I think it'll occupy as much space as my clothes.. insane. But apparently Kenya is a dangerous place, and you should make sure you had at least a dozen vaccinations plus a whole box of pills before you even think of jumping on that plane. So that's taken care of, I'm Ready to Go! What's the plan? Next tuesday I will fly to Nairobi together with Gabriel. He's from Uganda and studying in ... read more

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