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February 17th 2009
Published: February 17th 2009
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Feb 13, 2009
Well now, there is not a whole lot goin on in my small little village of Abokobi and the nearest city where there is any type of night life is about a 1-2 hour trotro ride (which really isn't too bad).
So after school on Tuesday, Bethany (the other white girl) and I had to go to the airport in Accra to pick-up a package that was sent to me from home and being held by customs. We get to the airport, asked like 100 diff people where we had to go who all gave us diff information, then I call the place and they tell me to take a taxi to the Fed-ex office in Asylum Down (pretty morbid sounding name for a town). - but when we get there, they tell me that they don't have my package-its at the airport.... YOU GOTTA BE F-ING KIDDING ME!!!!! But they were all closed by now because it was 5:30.
We had travelled 2 hours for nothing and were not looking forward to the ride back. By this time, Bethany and I were pissed off, starved, and majorly in need of some beers and some AC! We sat on the sidewalk while I took out my phone and googled bars in Accra, Ghana-- it was time to rely on the internet since people had been sendings us in circles all afternoon. We found a place called Champs Sports Bar and when we found out that it was just right around the corner from where we were stooped... Our luck started to change!
Champs was great! We had some beers, a pitcher of fantastic strawberry margaritas and, by far, the best food I've had since I got here! The locals that worked there got quite a kick out of us! OH- and there was AC!! I taught Bethany how to play pool and we did some of that for a while. Then we got a beer for the truck home...
Getting around in Ghana has given the term "truckin" a whole new meaning!- but I'll get into that in another blog.
So Champs is a new favorite spot that we will go to again very soon and I will keep u all updated on future night life endeavors.


26th February 2009

I am so happy that you are enjoying all the differences there but please be very careful. I love you and am so proud of you! You have no idea.

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