The Gratifying Feeling of Home

February 13th 2009
Published: February 13th 2009
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Reflecting upon my 2nd week here in Abokobi as it comes to an end, I'm so relieved that things have gotten so much better and that I'm finally starting to feel at home!
My students not only listen and behave, but when I walk into the classroom., they all stand and say,"Bonjour Madame Jaymie"- its fantastic! For the most part, all my students (I've got a total of about 35-40) are really catching on nicely to this French stuff and they really seem to enjoy it as well! I rode the trotro with one of my 3rd graders the other day and she came up to me in the street, said hello and asked me how I was doing IN FRENCH!!! We spoke in French the entire 20 min on the trotro! Not to mention that I always hear my students practicing with one another when I'm just roaming around the village and even around school! It's excellent!
At first, I was a little hesitant to teach french because I wasn't sure how beneficial it would be for the kids... But then I was looking at the map, and I realized that all the surrounding and nearby African countries in the north west are French speaking countries: Togo, Nigeria, Cote d'Ivoire, Cameroon, Algeria, Tunisia, Moracco, Guinea, etc. So if ever finding employment is scarce in Ghana, they can go to any nearby country and speak the language- Its even just nice that they'll have the option of traveling/living/working in many different places!


18th February 2009

Jaymie I am so proud of you! I love reading about the important work you are doing- you are making the world a little better every day. Keep it up!!!
26th February 2009

Grateful Dead
Hey Jaymie-- I've been following your advenutre through your dad's e-mails and your blog of today. We're all proud of what you're doing and thinking of you always. I will DEADicate our next Not DEAD Yet show to you and all the kids you're teaching and helping live better lives. Keep up the good work--there's nothing left to but Smile, Smile, Smile!! :) Michael

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