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Africa » Zambia » Livingstone November 20th 2015

Bright and way too early for the kind of night I had I caught the free shuttle to Victoria Falls to take in all the glory that makes it one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World. Unfortunately the dry season has been particularly dry and there was literally no water falling off the rocks on the Zambian side…Cheese and rice things are hard…I walked all around the park to different viewpoints to try and see some kind of spectacle but to no avail. Luckily I paid too much money to walk out to Livingstone Island where there is a chance to play in the water and get an actual view of the falls first hand. Livingston Island was where Dr. Livingstone “discovered” the waterfall and named it after some queen or something. Idk. But ... read more
obviously nothing there
on the walk there you can see some mist
that tree is where the "island" is

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone November 19th 2015

Zambia Lusaka I spent one night at Lusaka, but didn't see anything of it; the airport is 27 kms from the city, and I arrived at 3pm and had to be back at the airport the following morning at 9.30am, so I stayed in a lodge fairly close by. For the same price of a chalet or A-frame at Mabuya I got a room with ensuite (and though I couldn't make the shower hot, I worked the radio and some of the side jet sprays, and it was just lovely to not be on concrete, and to able to wash and dry my feet, and walk to bed without them getting dirty again), a bath mat, a full length mirror, TV, air conditioning and WiFi. Not that I could work the technology, I had to get ... read more

Africa » Zambia » Lusaka November 18th 2015

Last few days Saturday Saturday morning a team of NGO workers (non- Governmental organisations) are playing football against M’teza and Shelby and I go to watch. M'teza are 2-0 down, but our advent brings them luck as they have equalised by the time we leave for art club, and eventually beat the away team. Art club is very successful. We start off with 7, get three more before too long, and then get another six. We’ve done a sample picture of ’Take your pencil for a walk’ and a collage. They mostly do the former, but then turn the paper over and start sticking pictures. They are all loth to start and Shelby and i start them off. One lad wants a ruler and draws out a house with precision, before colouring it in in blocks ... read more

Africa » Zambia October 4th 2015

We are in Livingstone, Zambia, named for Dr. Livingstone that first documented Victoria Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world. One of the spectacular ways to see the falls is in the water right above the 350’ drop. In Africa the release forms you complete are really meant to be read and the risks stated considered; they are not simply covering their butts J. A little landmass at the top of the falls is called Livingstone Island. This is where Dr. Livingstone first saw the falls. For a fee, a guide will take you to Livingstone Island and into the water just above the falls to a pool called Devil’s Pool. Six guests are taken out a time with two guides. One guide enters the water with you while the other balances on ... read more

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone September 16th 2015

15.9. Lusaka nach Livingstone, 475 km 18° - 34 ° Die Ausfahrt aus der Stadt war wieder leicht, weil gegen den Strom. Außerdem (wie immer) früh aufgebrochen (7.00). Es fiel wieder auf, dass viele chinesische Firmen hier sind, auch ein chinesisches Hotel (zur roten Laterne - was auch immer das bedeuten soll). Ich sah sogar einen Wegweiser, der nur in Chinesisch war. Lusaka liegt auf einer leicht gewellten Hochfläche, so etwa 1200 m hoch. Zuerst: Ackerbau, riesige Schläge, die künstlich bewässert wurden mit den fahrbaren Gestellen, die sich über ein ganzes Feld bewegen und dabei die Pflanzen besprühen. Dann Viehzucht, offensichtlich riesige Farmen mit einem imposanten Tor an der Straße, vom Rest der Anlage war nichts zu sehen, weil weit weg von der Straße. Erinnert an die Betriebe in der Pampa Argentiniens. Dann Zuckerrohranbau, ebenfalls bewässert, ... read more
werbung für Saatgut

Africa » Zambia » Lusaka September 15th 2015

Heute war ich sehr ängstlich wegen dieses Tages - nicht nur 580 km zu fahren, sondern auch noch die Tatsache, dass auf den ersten 330 km immer wieder Baustellen sind. Natürlich gab es eine frühe Abfahrt, Frühstück um 6,00, Abfahrt so bald als möglich. Zu diesem Zeitpunkt war es recht frisch, 14 °, und Halstuch, Bluse und alle Reißverschlüsse zu. Natürlich war's um 10.00 schon 25° und recht warm. Der Erste Teil der Fahrt ging schon mal wider alle meine Befürchtungen sehr gut: die Straße war schon fertig und man konnte 80 km flott fahren. Afrika wie aus dem Bilderbuch, obwohl die Dörfer direkt an der Straße liegen, wirken sie, als ob sie direkt aus dem vor-vorigen Jahrhundert kommen. Die runden Hütten gefallen mir besonders gut, irgendwie sind sie genauso, wie ich mir Afrika vorstelle. (Kindisch, ... read more

Africa » Zambia » Chipata September 14th 2015

IX 14 Montag Nach Chitapa in Sambia Es waren heute nur 280 km, weil ich einen 100 km Umweg einfach nicht fuhr. Malawi gefällt mir immer noch am besten bisher - das kommt aber auch daher, weil die Bevölkerung so arm ist, dass sie praktisch kein geld haben, um die Gegend zu verschmutzen, die Frauen tragen alle bunte Kangas, unten als Rock, oben als Tragetuch. Heute waren Dörfer, die sich aufs Flechten verlegt haben: Matten, die entweder verkauft wurden oder auch als Zäune um das Gehöft gelegt wurden. Das sieht dann gleich “ordentlich” aus. Aber natürlich ist das mein deutscher Geschmack. Ansonsten werden Körbe und auch Möbel geflochten, wobei dann die Vermarktung schwierig ist, weil ja das ganze Dorf solche Sachen herstellt. In einem anderen Dorf fördert der Staat den Gemüseanbau, Tomaten, Kohl usw. Dann die ... read more
Auf dem Weg zur Schule
Dorf Malawi

Africa » Zambia » South Luangwa September 2nd 2015

Kiboko safari at Track and Trail Camp in South Luangwa Park. Monday 31st August. Within half an hour of arriving at the Track and Trail camp we saw several kudu, elephants, baboons, an impala, a hippo and a crocodile. The main park, the best in Zambia, and the most majestic in Africa, according to my guide book, is on the other side of the river from where we are sipping cold beers. Tomorrow we'll start at 6am and go on a game drive into the park, but for now we're relaxing after the six hour drive from Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi, into Zambia. The terrain on the way here is much the same as in Malawi, perhaps a little more affluent. The houses are built the same way, but more of them here have been ... read more

Africa » Zambia June 28th 2015

In short, maybe. I don’t know. Probably not. I think I need to explain my indecision. One month in Zambia, on the move every couple of days, I reckon I got a pretty good overview of the country. It was by no means comprehensive, but a decent broad-stroke observation. I think I can say with some confidence that Lusaka is far and away the largest urban area in southern, central and northern Zambia but I would be curious to visit the Copperbelt towns of Kitwe and Ndola which have allegedly benefitted from the economic prosperity of that province’s mineral wealth. On the other hand I have seen only a fraction of the country’s natural heritage. I still have much to see: the National Parks – North and South Luangwa; Kafue; Kasanga etc; dozens of waterfalls (catalogued ... read more
The boat to the other side
Mpulungu Harbour
Mishembe (Luke's) Beach

Africa » Zambia » North-Western May 29th 2015

I arrived in Mkushi on a Thursday evening an hour or so after dark. Fortunately for me the driver was acquainted with the Forest Inn en route to Mkushi town. I was deposited at the roadside and compelled to cross the road in the direction of a dim light emanating from behind a metal gate. For a second I wondered if it was the same place that Tim had in mind but upon entering I found a guard who confirmed that it was the very place. Furthermore a restaurant and bar were on hand with a number of white and black customers. Not busy but it looked tidy enough. I made my way to the bar and promptly gulped down the ice cold Mosi Lager placed before me by the compliant waiter. I was soon joined ... read more
Gladiolus species
Aloe species in flower
Daisy species growing on newly cleared land

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