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Africa » Zambia » South Luangwa October 13th 2019

It is getting close to dusk when we see the leopard in the tree. Half asleep, it ignores us completely. We drive off to watch the sun set across the river and then quietly return. With the aid of our lights we find the young leopard again. He is slowly walking in dense vegetation, carefully approaching a group of impala. Closer and closer but an impala suddenly barks, it has sensed his presence. Now they are all alert, looking and listening in the dark. The leopard moves away, these will not be his dinner tonight. We drove in to South Luangwa National Park, Zambia, from Malawi. It was a warm drive along a good road, with a chaotic but friendly border post at halfway. We passed many clusters of brick huts, basic villages where families live ... read more
Our transport
Cape buffalo
Southern carmine beeeaters

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone September 19th 2019

Livingstone ist ein ekelhafter Touristenort. Alles perfekt durchorganisiert um einem Maximim an Touristen maximale Geldmengen zu entlocken. Vormittags Spaziergang im Nationalpark an der Sambiaseite der Fälle. Nachmittags bei den Löwen. Paul nach wie vor todkrank. ... read more

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone July 20th 2019

20 July 19 - We arived in Livingstone after a short flight from Johannesburg, to stay two nights at the Avani Hotel located close to the Falls. We were able to quickly get our visa for both Zimbabwe and Zambia on arrival and were out of the airport and at our hotel by midday. We decided to take a tour on the river in the afternoon, another couple joined us in a small boat to explore the narrow channels and islands above the falls. We sped over the rapids before stopping at a small island on the zambezi to have a picnic. One of the crew checked there were no elephants, crocodiles or hippos on the island before we were able to go ashore. The two man crew set up a little table for drinks and ... read more
Drinks in the middle of the Zambezi .
Devils Pool
Avani hotel

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone June 11th 2019

We had a lovely final dinner with all of the guides last night. We have to say the the good at Senalala was great the whole time. After what was for me a restless sleep, we got up at 5:30 and our ride picked us up for the 3 hour drive to Nelspruit airport. On the way out of the reserve we were treated to more game sightings including a big bull elephant, and old Cape buffalo who couldn’t keep up with the herd anymore, and a giraffe in the distance. And more impala. We also were fortunate to see 3 female lions stalking a herd of zebras and a wildebeest. Fortunately we didn’t see an attack or kill - but it was fascinating to see the herd behave in a protective way. The drive through ... read more

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone June 7th 2019

This turned out to be one of the busiest days of our trip, with so much to do from beginning to end. Zambia - Victoria Falls Today was the day to cross the border into Zambia and see Victoria Falls from the other side. We took our shuttle bus to Victoria Falls and then started our walk to Livingstone, Zambia via the Victoria Falls Bridge. We quickly got our exit stamp from the Zim side and walked along the bridge, each taking a photo at the border sign in the middle as well as some photos of the falls themselves, though the angle of the sun was not great. At the border office at the Zambia side was a huge line and we had to wait a good half hour to get our passports stamped. Unfortunately, ... read more
Entering Zambia
Victoria Falls - Knife Edge bridge
Sunset cruise

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone August 16th 2018

Slow morning before our helicopter flight over the Victoria Falls. Picked up by the standard 4wheel drive safari vehicle and driven about 3kms to the helipad. Signed up and then briefed on the safety, etc. We were on the second flight. Somehow I ended up in the middle back seat...... Never mind, could still see really well. Huge expanse of water and falls and we went round at least twice before exploring up the Zambezi for a while. Huge pod of Hippos, elephants and crocs. Was a really good flight, then back to the helipad before we were driven back to the hotel. We had until 1400 before our walking tour of the falls so had time for a bite to eat, shop and re-arrange the bags a bit. Onto the bus, given a bit of ... read more

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone August 15th 2018

There is a song somewhere in my head about 3 countries in one day, can’t get the tune though. Anyway, today we did 3 countries in one day...... Left the ship with heavy heart, what a great experience in such luxury. Then we had to do customs clearance from Namibia, enter into Botswana again. This is where things turned interesting. We had been warned that the immigration people in Botswana may want to do spot checks of some bags. Wrong, every bag had to be opened, do you have curios, how much did you spend, do you have receipts (bit hard when you buy from a village market). Took a while to clear this effort, especially as they only had a small table under a tree in the dust opening bags, asking what was in this ... read more

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone August 11th 2018

L’une des parties du voyage théoriquement les plus « challenging » au niveau de la logistique était de se rendre de Kasane au Botswana à Livingstone en Zambie, à proximité des chutes Victoria. L’option 1 était d’engager une compagnie qui nous mènerait du point A au point B. Option très simple, mais dispendieuse puisqu’on charge habituellement autour de 60 à 70$US par personne pour un trajet de moins de 100km et de moins de deux heures (aller simple). L’option deux était d’engager des taxis locaux et de traverser la frontière à pied. Cette option semble peu populaire puisqu’on retrouve peu d’informations sur Internet, à part que le poste frontière est assez chaotique. Nous avons opté pour l’option 2 et finalement il n’y avait pas grand défi. Expérience intéressante quand même : taxi vers le poste frontière ... read more

Africa » Zambia » Mongu May 19th 2018

On day 1 of my solo travels, I was headed for Mongu, West Zambia. The reason I was heading to Mongu was as follows: as some of you may know, I have a great aunt Sr Mary Greene, my nana's sister, who is a nun in San Antonio, Texas. She is part of a group of sisters who have missions all over the world, including Mexico (I have already visited them) and Zambia. So when I mentioned I was going to Zambia, the sisters told me about their projects for orphans of HIV/AIDS victims which I thought could be interesting to see. So I got in touch with Sr Christina Mitchell who is one of the sisters living in Mongu, West Zambia. She was delighted to hear I would be visiting so I told her my ... read more
Victoria Falls bridge

Africa » Zambia » Livingstone May 11th 2018

We departed South Luangwa after a fantastic couple of days. Caprice was ready for her next drive ! We were headed for the Lower Zambezi National Park, South Zambia, via the Great East Road. Sadly, on the morning we were due to leave, Phil announced he would be leaving the group..he wanted more time in South Luangwa. So we bid him farewell! (The running joke from then on was 'Where's Phil ? STILL in South Luangwa!') We spent most of the truck journey chatting away on our table seats, munching on lays crisps and reflecting on our experiences with the lions ! Young Meg, the psychology student, was not feeling well - she felt feverish and had an upset stomach. We encouraged her to drink fluids and take paracetamol. She didn't have a temperature but the ... read more
Luangwa Bridge Camp
Luangwa Bridge Camp
Lower Zambezi National Park

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