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February 20th 2022
Published: February 21st 2022
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For my last weekend trip I decided to head back to Murchison Falls. Mostly for the giraffes, but I also love the plentiful elephants as well as the unique landscape. We got there in enough time to see the falls for a second time, just as impressive as the first time. As well as an evening game drive before dinner. I ended up staying at the same hotel I stayed at the first time. They have a great view, nice food, and sometimes cold drinks.

On Saturday we had a morning game drive, a rest during the heat of the day, and then back out for an evening drive. As I had hoped we saw lots of giraffes as well many herds of elephants in addition to the other animals.

The giraffes here are called Rothschild’s giraffe, also known as the Ugandan giraffe. They are only found in Uganda and a small area in Kenya. While the giraffe is the world's tallest land mammal and the Rothschild's giraffe is one of the tallest subspecies, growing up to 20 ft tall. In 2010, the Rothschild’s giraffe was classified as Endangered on the IUCN Red List of Threatened species. There is thought to be about 640 left living in the wild majority being in Murchison Falls. They are my favorite to watch; they do not run away and will give you direct eye contact.

One of my other favorite animals in the safari is the wort hog. While the name is not flattering the WH is the most jolly animal in the kingdom. They are always happily trotting from one location to another. And they are friends with all the animals. They remind me of a friend, who will remain nameless, as she did not like being compared to a wort hog haha. This must be baby season for them as there were lots of babies being guided around. One baby ran into to the road several times while Mom kept trying to corral him. I just assumed he wanted to come home as Lola’s boyfriend.

You can't travel in Uganda without car trouble so with that in mind our car started overheating on the way home. At a certain point, we had to stop every 20-30 mins to put water in the car. The last time this happened to me it was on my wedding day when a 1950s Rolls Royce was supposed to take me to get pictures, but it overheated and no one thought to give it water. So I experienced many small villages along the way home while we looked for wells to pump water for the car. The water went in under the passenger seat and at one point there was a geyser of hot water shooting out of the engine into the car, I wish I had gotten a picture!

This trip was a nice bookend to my Ugandan travel. Now to make the most of the last work week with my ladies! I am going to miss my Kigo Girls so much!

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